Lethal 5 a no go?

LETHAL WEAPON The LA Times recently sat down with original LETHAL WEAPON mastermind Richard Donner and he mentioned that he was indeed interested in a LETHAL WEAPON 5 but the fact that Mel Gibson has no interest in making another one, perhaps due to the fact that Joel Silver wanted to exclude Donner from the film, probably means the film isn't gonna happen. Said Donner: "Mel turned it down. I would like to think that Mel turned it down because I wasn't involved. Knowing Mel, I would like to think that. Would that be the kind of thing he does? It sure would be." And just to put the final nail in the coffin, he further mentioned "Yes, the project is pretty much dead in the water unless someone had the sense to come to me." So there you go. Read the rest of the interview at the above link.

Extra Tidbit: Hard to believe the original LETHAL WEAPON was released 21 years ago.
Source: LA Times



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