Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black may take over Iron Man 3?


Yes, writer Shane Black (LETHAL WEAPON, THE LAST BOY SCOUT, etc.) could possibly reunite with his KISS KISS BANG BANG star Robert Downey Jr. when Tony Stark returns to the screen post-AVENGERS for a third IRON MAN.

Marvel is currently looking for someone to fill the Favreau-sized hole in their movie universe, and has reportedly met with Black about firing up the red-and-gold suit with RDJ. Black would direct IRON MAN 3 (which would only be his second feature behind the camera after KKBB) and presumably kick the script into shape.

Black's involvement is far from a done deal, and the studios are also looking at other filmmakers. But still, the established Black-Downey rapport would be a terrific starting point, yeah?

While Black has never directed such huge action before, he's obviously put plenty of it on the page and has it in his blood (and plenty of directors start with smaller fare before graduating to blockbusters). Other potential directing gigs for Black include pulp hero DOC SAVAGE and an adatpation of the manga DEATH NOTE.

Extra Tidbit: Disney already has a release date of May 3, 2013 slotted for IRON MAN 3.
Source: Heat Vision



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