Let's get Infested

Think you've seen every kind of serial killer movie there is to offer? Nyet, comrade, you are mistaken. Rogue Pictures has a new kind of killer coming -- the kind that's been created by a nasty bug.

Rogue has snapped up the rights to author Scott Sigler's upcoming book INFESTED, a thriller with a unique spin on the exhausted serial killer subgenre. The official synopsis: "A CIA black-ops specialist and a Center for Disease Control scientist team up in the struggle to contain a parasite that is rapidly spreading across America. This bug's bite turns ordinary people into crazed serial killers. The trail of corpses--of both the killers and their victims--soon leads to an infected man, Perry Dawsey, fighting a bloody battle for control of his own mind and body."

Could be interesting. In the meantime, I've got the Course of Empire song "Infested" (the swing mix) stuck on an endless loop in my head. Thanks, Rogue!
Extra Tidbit: A 2002 killer-insect movie called INFESTED was written and directed by Josh Olson, who adapted A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE for the screen.
Source: Rogue



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