Li Bingbing joins Transformers 4 and will shoot scenes in China

You may not know the name Li Bingbing now, but Paramount is hoping you will once TRANSFORMERS 4 hits theaters. The Chinese actress will join Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz and Sophia Myles in the sequel/reboot of the action franchise. This also solidifies the agreement between Paramount, China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises to film portions of TRANSFORMERS 4 in China.

While everyone involved is touting Bingbing as a big casting coup, it remains to be seen if her role will be limited to portions of the story taking place in China or if she will be a major part of the whole story. IRON MAN 3 suffered backlash when Chinese audiences found the scenes in their exclusive cut of the Marvel movie were much more minor than previously anticipated.

Michael Bay issued this as part of the press release regarding Bingbing's casting:

“I am excited to have Li Bingbing join our cast and to be shooting portions of the movie in her native China. I have always aspired to work with the best actors and this cast is especially exciting now with the addition of Li."

TRANSFORMERS 4 is taking the story in a different direction from the first trilogy and the casting so far seems to be keeping with that fresh outlook. Bingbing does have some experience with English language films having appeared in FORBIDDEN KINGDOM with Jackie Chan and Jet Li as well as RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. She is a good looking actress and hopefully her role will actually be important to the overall movie.

TRANSFORMERS 4 opens in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Source: Paramount



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