Liam Neeson is just making movies Non-Stop

Liam Neeson with a swanky scarfAs part of what seems to be Liam Neeson's mission to never stop working, the Irish actor is now in negotiations to join an airplane-related thriller entitled NON-STOP. Neeson would play "a worn-out air marshal who faces a threat while traveling on an international flight" in the movie, which is currently set to be directed by Jeff Wadlow (NEVER BACK DOWN).  The script was bought on spec last summer from two lads named John Richardson and Chris Roach.

NON-STOP is being produced by Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment, in what is surely the hope that Liam Neeson's presence will allow NON-STOP to replicate the $130 million success of UNKNOWN (the last movie Dark Castle and Neeson worked together on). 

More as we hear it about Neeson's next gruff and grizzled cinematic turn.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of his next gruff and grizzled cinematic turn, the same article also states that Neeson just finished shooting TAKEN 2. So that's cool.
Source: Variety



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