Life imitates "art" as Denver morons pull a real-life Weekend at Bernie's

Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy had such a good idea, they did it twice -- lugging around a deceased Terry Kiser and using his clout for their own benefit.

Two Denver dudes thought the amusingly morbid concept of the WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S movies was clever enough to replicate in real life.

While not as extensive or creative as the corpse usage in the movies, Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson had plenty of chuckles courtesy of their dead friend Jeffrey Jarrett -- when they found him unresponsive at his home, they loaded him in a car and left him in the vehicle while they drank in a pub on his dime. After dumping the body back at his house, they took off with the late chum's ATM card and got dinner (at Viva Burrito, naturally), withdrew $400, and hit a strip club called Shotgun Willie's, yeehaw.

After all that fun was done, they informed the police that their friend might be dead at his home, because they're not savages. Entirely.

The man's cause of death hasn't been identified yet, and his freeloading former buddies are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft, criminal impersonation and mimicking a lowbrow 80s comedy.

Extra Tidbit: At least they had the decency to imitate a movie that featured Catherine Mary Stewart...
Source: Denver Post



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