Lights Out's Teresa Palmer wants to be Talia al Ghul in Ben Affleck's Batman

Superhero movies are the big cheese right now, and everyone wants a taste. Performers big and small are campaigning for roles in the next big comic book blockbuster, some possibilities more exciting than others. But it's not in many instances we see stars campaigning for roles they technically already got. This is one of those instances.

During an interview with Screen Rant, actress Teresa Palmer (LIGHTS OUT) was asked if she was interested in Ben Affleck's upcoming BATMAN movie, and in the process said she's “100 percent” invested in the idea of playing none other than Bats' on-again-off-again lover and femme fatale, Talia al Ghul:

“I was going to be her. I think Marion Cotillard played, I don’t know how to pronounce her last name by the way, um she played Talia Al Ghul in one of the Batman’s, I remember thinking, okay well, obviously she’s going to play Talia Al Ghul, but if there’s ever an opportunity I would absolutely love it. Put it out there. Can you put it out there for me?”

For those curious about that quote, let’s go back in time using a Wayne’s World-style flashback. Palmer was originally cast as Talia back in 2007 when George Miller was set to direct his JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, but we all saw how well that turned out. That ship sunk, and then Christopher Nolan used the character in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (with Marion Cotillard), which remains our only major cinematic version of the character.

However, a new dawn has risen and a new guard has entered leaving plenty of room for Palmer to regain her role as the famous character. Now is the time to campaign, and she is totally ready:

“Can you make it a thing? I’m doing it.”

I only vaguely remember Palmer from movies like I AM NUMBER FOUR and WARM BODIES, but she did a fantastic job in this year’s LIGHTS OUT, and I have no doubt she would make a great Talia al Ghul. Her character in LIGHTS had a deep vat of painful emotions lurking inside her, but it was covered by an intimidating, rebellious exterior, which is very much in line with a character like al Ghul. Whether her campaign will gain any traction is yet to be seen, but I for one am on the train. Plus she's in like 10 movies this year, so clearly she's earned it.

You can catch Palmer in the upcoming HACKSAW RIDGE with Andrew Garfield on November 4.

Source: Screen Rant



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