Like, the musical remake of Valley Girl, like totally has a director

So, like, I'm sure you guys are totally into a musical remake of VALLEY GIRL. Like, it's going to be so rad, right?

Actually, I have no idea. I didn't even know that someone wanted to do a musical remake of the 1983 film which starred Nicolas Cage. I can see why. It's a quirky, fun story about a punker boy from the wrong side of the tracks that falls for a valley chick who inhabits the mall. The story would work at any point in time. CLUELESS brought back the valley girl in the 90s, so why can't they do it in the 2000s?

The project now has a director in Clay Weiner. Yes, his name is Clay Weiner. I had a good laugh about it before I started this. Cue Beavis & Butt-head laughter. So who is Clay Weiner? Did he once star in softcore porn? Nope. He directed FRED: THE MOVIE for Nickelodeon. Just typing that made me cringe.

The guy got the job by basically spending his holiday coming up with, "a three-minute demo reel, paid for out of his own pocket, that featured choreographed dance routines set to a mash-up of the 1980s tunes that will be sung in the film." Jenny Lumet (RACHEL GETTING MARRIED) is currently doing a rewrite on the script.

Music from the Go-Go's and The Cars as well as several other 80s new wave hits will be belted out by the cast. Here's hoping there's a moment for "Johnny, Are You Queer?".

Source: Deadline



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