Like the owls, these new Twin Peaks posters are not what they seem

Happy Twin Peaks Day, everyone! Without a doubt, the return of David Lynch's enigmatic crime drama is bound to be one of the most talked about television events of 2017. How do I know this? Well, have you seen the internet lately? Long-time fans of the series have been climbing the ceiling while waiting for Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) to return to Twin Peaks - the bizarre woodland town where the mysterious murder of Laura Palmer once took place. Here's hoping that this expanded, follow-up presentation of the series offers some new and  tantalizing elements for fans to chew on and be befuddled over for years to come!

As a way of celebrating this momentous occasion, Showtime has released a pair of flashy, new posters which feature two of the most important characters in the show's storied history. You can check them out below as you prepare yourself for when TWIN PEAKS returns as an 18-episode limited series, beginning with a two-part premiere on May 21, 2017 at 9 p.m.. Additionally, the third and fourth episodes of the series will be available directly after the debut for Showtime Anytime subscribers - before the official start date of May 28, 2017 for the masses. 

Extra Tidbit: Did you know that David Lynch's Twin Peaks and Lost Highway take place within the same world?
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