Lil Fox gets Wrestler

A film that's rocketing straight up my must see list for later this year is Darren Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER. Any Aronofsky film will always be on my must see list but after the raves in Toronto and Venice, it's a must must see (just look at how happy Aronofsky is after winning the Gold Lion at Venice!). Luckily the film was picked up for release by a company who really knows their shit. Fox Searchlight has won the rights to THE WRESTLER at a cost of $4 million. Considering the amount of money this will wind up making them, it's a virtual steal (HAMLET 2 was picked up at Sundance for $10 million. $10 million!!). Other studios looking for a bit of Mickey Rourke were Lionsgate, The Weinstein Co., Sony Pictures Classics and Overture. No definite plans on a release platform yet but it looks like we'll get a late-December release to qualify for the Oscars with a wider January release planned. Part of the deal that Aronofsky and his people were shopping included a big Oscar campaign for Rourke whose performance has won raves so far (Variety called it one of "the great, iconic screen performances" of all-time).

Extra Tidbit: I hope THE FOUNTAIN is finding a second life on DVD.
Source: Variety



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