Lily of the Valley: This Week on Breaking Bad (Episode 2 / July 22, 2012)

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EPISODE 2: Madrigal


There's a gaping hole in the Meth distribution market. Walter White has crowned himself king, but this kingdom comes with a cost and those close to Walt are starting to realize a dark change is coming.


I love the way this show's become synonymous with quirky opening scenes that look and feel so far out in left field you actually find yourself saying, "what the f*ck is this?" This episode opens with such a scene. This dude eating nuggets made me hungry, I mean damn, you can't tell I'm the only one wondering just how tasty "Franch" really is. This scene sets the tone for tonight's episode. I enjoy a good shakedown and that's exactly what the cops are doing, going through each and every person Gus not only worked with, but knew or even said "hello" to. Can't say I blame them, they don't really have shit else to go on but they're trying.

Hank's on a mission, but did he really think he could squeeze Mike? The exchange between them in the interrogation room is priceless, and even if it does end with neither party necessarily on top, there was some badass "sizing each other up" going on. I know I said this last week but Mike is becoming a tremendously layered character who moves mountains in every scene. The breakfast, the interrogation, the sit down with the boys and the list goes on and on. He's the proverbial glue holding this mess together. It's a shame about the two million though, but then again, we needed something to get him back on board. Good thing too, I don't know how the boys would pull this off without him. Not that they couldn't per say, but trust is a tough commodity at this stage of the game.

Walter White. You know what, I don't care if he's going evil, I can't turn on the guy. Watching closely, it's the small things that get me. Tonight for example, he's sitting with Saul and Jesse, but those two are on the couch and he's in a chair by himself, like he's on a throne commanding his subjects. It's subtle, but it's there. Yet, he still gives me chills on a personal level when you see what he's willing to do to keep his ricin lie afloat. Jesse's a mess, it's eating away at him and yes, I know Walt's plan was a means to an end, but I really feel for Jesse...mainly because his love and trust for Walt is genuine. I guess that's the appeal they're trying to focus on this season, as I'm sure, the truth will come into play somehow down the road and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the end climax becomes a Jesse vs. Walt showdown to the death (the same way I think DEXTER will end with a showdown between him and Deb). I sincerely hope not, but I could see it.

BREAKING BAD SEASON 5's second episode drops a dump truck of tension on our faces with no sign of letting up anytime soon (or at all for that matter). Personally I love it, being constantly on the edge of my seat, unblinking eyes transfixed on the screen, fully engrossed in the story and all the characters involved...now THAT is a powerful show ladies and gentlemen. I hope Skyler lightens the hell up though, I don't get her bellyaching. Her character has gone up and down, surviving a cancer ordeal, money laundering, and fraud. She clearly had no problem cheating on her husband when the chips were down, or shifting from innocent to super bitch whenever she feels necessary. So now that the smoke's settled why the hell can't she cheer up? She's long past the point of no return, so spare me the guilty consciences/fear song and dance. Oh no, Walt killed someone to protect the family, man up woman and sync back in with your family, they need you.


If you have a list of potential squealers that may or may not turn you over the to police, don't show this list to one of them, ask him to kill the rest and when he refuses, go the next one on the list and do the same thing. Paranoia and stupidity don't mix well. They don't end well either.


Mike's reaction to Lydia, the list and killing his crew, "I don't know what kind of movies you've been watching but here in the real world it doesn't work that way."


It truly pains me to say this...but Jesse didn't say bitch once tonight. I'll forgive though, cause he's got a lot on his mind right now.


This whole episode felt like one big cool scene tonight, but I've narrowed it down to a tie: The opening scene with Mike and Lydia at the restaurant. Mike owned this scene as he tries to put her mind at ease (she should've listened). Then there's the scene from the trailer I posted last week, I know we've already seen it, but it's damn powerful. Does Hank realize after this chat with his boss that Walter's a potential suspect? Not sure yet, but I can't wait to see those two alone in a room.



Extra Tidbit: It would be nice to see Jesse, Mike, Skyler and the kids come out of this unscathed...but I doubt that'll happen.
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