Lily of the Valley: This Week on Breaking Bad (Episode 9 / August 11, 2013)

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EPISODE 9: Blood Money


The beginning of the end. Walt leaves his empire behind to live life, while Jesse’s alive, but dying on the inside. And then there’s Hank, whose gunning for the King. One wrong move could mean life or death, and at this point, it’s still anyone’s game.


(The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). That sure felt like a long wait to see Walt and the crew again. A couple days ago while going to program the box to record this episode, I realized AMC was counting down with a marathon and, at that moment, I’d tuned into the episode, Box Cutter, at the precise moment when Gus comes down into the lab and starts changing cloths. It was then I realized how much I’m going to miss this show when it’s gone. To that end, the first of eight started out with a bang. The flash forward scene was reminiscent of the diner scene, and I immediately knew Walt was going for the ricin. To what end, who knows? Maybe it’s the key component Hank needs to nail him, but then again, by the looks of things, he couldn’t be any more “on the run” so it almost feels like a moot point. I’m sure there’s more to it (there always is), and I’m definitely curious.

Tonight was all about small and powerful scenes that give away only enough to wet our appetites. When we see Hank exit the can, he couldn’t look more pissed. He doesn’t handle it as nonchalantly as he should, but in his defence, it would be quite the kick to the nuts and he’s probably feeling like a complete dumbass. But we’ll come back to Hank. Jesse’s not doing so hot. That conscience of his is going to be either the death of him, Walt, or them both. Blood Money. It’s one of the few lines Jesse mumbles with regards to the five million in cash Walt gave him. I get that his soul’s haunted, but damn Jesse, you can’t afford to be this stupid. Giving that money to Saul for Mike’s granddaughter is just dumb, and would paint a clear as day trail right back to him and Walt. My heart skipped a beat when he confronted Walt about Mike. Damn. The depth in his eyes when he looked at Walt blew me away. What a powerful scene, as was his scene with the bum near the end.

Skyler seems to be in good spirits with Walt out of the biz, but it was obvious that she’s still adjusting to having him around the car wash. Lydia showing up was hilarious—oh, and nice detective work there Skyler as to figuring out she was in a rental. Of course, we knew she’d be back to gripe about Walt being out, but at the same time, her overzealousness hints at the idea that maybe she’s forgotten who she’s dealing with. No worries, Skyler put the kybosh on those shenanigans real quick. Lydia…did someone say “loose end?” Oh, and as useless as it was, I laughed at the whole STAR TREK scenario Badger and Skinny Pete were tossing around. That totally felt like the kind of shit dudes would talk about while baked out of their skulls.

BREAKING BAD SEASON 5's ninth episode doesn’t let up for a second. I honestly thought there’d be a much more drawn out confrontation between Hank and Walt—obviously there will be, but I thought the initial “I know, you know” would come later. Nope. And it was beautiful. That moment when Walt exits the garage and stops to go back is perfect. You could almost feel the transformation from Walter White to Heisenberg as it happened, and the second you see Hank hit the button to close the garage you just know it’s on. Again, the pure intensity in Hank’s eyes is mesmerizing. These actors are unbelievably invested in this story and these amazing characters. Even Walt, when he notices the book’s missing, and then bolts outside and looks for the tracker on his car, it’s all genius. Seeing his cancer come back is a game changer though, but I sincerely hope that’s now how the great Heisenberg goes out. I’m sure it won’t be…but then again, with this show, you never know.


Leaving autographed books from old drug bosses in your bathroom is never a good idea...no matter how oblivious you think your family is.


Walt and Hank have at it, and Hank says he doesn’t know who he’s talking to, to which Walt calmly responds, "If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”


Jesse barely says anything…but Badger says bitch, which wasn’t nearly as impressive as his STAR TREK story.


I loved when Jesse shared his thoughts about Mike, but how can I not choose the ultimate showdown in Hank’s garage as the coolest scene? That moment when Walt turned around gave me goose bumps, as did his final words to Hank. I can’t wait to see where those two go from here.



Extra Tidbit: Jesse’s losing it, but I sure do wish my house was on his money paper route.
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