Lily of the Valley: This Week on Breaking Bad (Episode 14 / September 15, 2013)

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EPISODE 14: Ozymandias


The beginning of the end. Walt leaves his empire behind to live life, while Jesse’s alive, but dying on the inside. And then there’s Hank, whose gunning for the King. One wrong move could mean life or death, and at this point, it’s still anyone’s game.


(The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). All great things must end, but seeing the flashback to where it all started between Walt and Jesse made me realize how far these characters have come and what they have invested in one another. Gomie’s dead (saw that coming), and I knew Hank wouldn’t be far behind—cue the dramatic exit. I loved when Hank looked up at Walt and gave him the smartest man crack, followed by ‘he made up his mind ten minutes ago’ (not to mention his F-bomb). And in one fell swoop Walt’s world crumbles. Now let me talk about that for a second. Personally, I’m not loving Walt’s sloppiness over these past few episodes. I just find it hard to swallow. Heisenberg, the guy who became so damn meticulous as he built his empire, going out like an emotional bitch? I understand him leaving the business, but what I don’t see is his sense of survival dulling in the process. He’s just too damn smart to let himself be ruled (and beaten) by emotions. Yet, here we stand.

I laughed when Todd robotically said, ‘sorry for your loss.’ What a damn crack-up that kid is. Walt does regain his composure long enough to send Jesse off in style. Talk about some last words that cut to the bone. Telling him about Jane was the perfect FU after having Jesse turn on him and spit in his face. I like where Jesse ends up though, Todd’s new cook. It makes sense, seeing as how his uncle pretty much robbed Walt blind (something I also saw coming the second he gave him the coordinates). At least they gave him one barrel, I guess there’s still a smidgeon of honor amongst thieves. Walt played that hand right though, as I’m hoping he’s going back to clean house on those fools—I’m thinking the flash forward with the huge ass gun. That’s one showdown I’m dying to see. I can also see this coming down to him and Jesse, and if so, I could even see him wiping the slate clean and letting Jesse go with a barrel of money.

My tidbit last week was about Hank dying, and if it would be enough to turn Walt’s family against him. Looks like the short answer is yes. The second I saw Marie walk into the car wash I knew it wasn’t going to end well. I was a little thrown by Jr.'s reaction. I thought he’d stand by his father, by way of at least hearing the guy out. Walt was never going to win a father of the year award, but if it were me, I know I’d at least have to hear his side before I made up my mind. I knew Skyler would fold after hearing about Hank (didn’t see her grabbing the knife though). She loves her sister and knows how devastated she’ll be (and already is). The fight scene was brutal, especially when Jr. jumped into the fray, and with the baby crying in the background, it was almost too much. Walt desperately wants his family to come out of this whole, but there’s nothing there for him now. And love him or hate him, you have to feel for Walt at this point. It’s a harsh blow considering everything he did, more or less, was for them.

BREAKING BAD SEASON 5's fourteenth episode is the train tearing down the track that you think you can beat, but instead, rips your car in half when you try to cross the tracks. Having Walt take Holly was intense, but seeing her there in that grimy washroom calling for her mother would be enough to break anyone. Walt’s phone call to Skyler was also very, very sloppy (in theory at least). Dude, they called the cops on your ass, OF COURSE THEY’RE LISTENING TO THE CALL. I loved hearing him put Skyler in her place, I truly did, but I’m praying he actually knows they’re recording him (maybe it’s to throw them off her completely). Then again, maybe he doesn’t care at this point, who knows, but the flash forward of him grabbing the ricin makes sense now. His family’s gone, no doubt in witness protection, and after he disappears via Saul’s buddy, he comes back to enact his revenge on Todd’s uncle, Jesse and anyone else he feels deserves it. One thing’s for sure, after losing everything, I wouldn’t want to be on Walt’s shit list, because he’ll be out for blood like a river.


Always assume the line’s tapped.


It doesn’t get any more epic than Walt looking at Jesse and saying, “I watched Jane die. I could’ve saved her, but I didn’t.” In all fairness, Hank goes out with a pretty damn good line too.


Jesse’s Todd’s bitch now.


Tonight is one huge climax, it’s hard to narrow down a specific scene, but the drama at the house was by far the most intense. Seeing Skyler run out into the road after Walt took off with the baby was insane.



Extra Tidbit: Will Walt go down in a blaze of glory, eat the ricin, reunite with his family, or beat the cancer and take over Todd’s meth lab? Two episode left. Buckle up, I’m sure it’s gonna get bumpy.
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