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EPISODE 16: Felina


The beginning of the end. Walt leaves his empire behind to live life, while Jesse’s alive, but dying on the inside. And then there’s Hank, whose gunning for the King. One wrong move could mean life or death, and at this point, it’s still anyone’s game.


(The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). Seeing a show you love come to an end is always bitter sweet, but I’ve never really given it much thought until now. For me, it was usually the bitter end of things as I got to know a show that simply ended (Dark Shadows, Kindred the Embraced, Blade: The Series, yes, I tend to like the ugly ducklings), but then we move on to shows like The Sopranos, Lost, The Wire, Entourage, 24 and Dexter, shows I really enjoyed, and that’s where the mixed emotions sprouted up. For the most part, the final season becomes atrociously evident in the script, forcing the overall magic and fun factor to evaporate—case in point, Dexter. Ugh. That was punch to the sack hard enough to almost make you wish you were neutered. Vince Gilligan understands this pain, and as a result, put forth a finale of pure brilliance that will forever keep this show in our hearts. I tip my Heisenberg hat to you, sir, and to your ensemble cast. Now let’s dive in, shall we?

How awesome was it to see Walt snag the Schwartz’ address and actually be there waiting for them when they got home? I have to admit that I had no idea how that meeting was going down, I didn’t think he was going to kill them, but to have them act as the bridge between his money and his family was pure genius. I loved it. I was a little thrown when he turned to leave, seemingly trusting their word with a handshake, but then two red dots popped up and I was intrigued. I had no idea how he was pulling that off. What a way to cut Badger and Skinny Pete in on the action! Again, loved it. It was all very poetic and played in with these characters so nicely—that said, I have to wonder how Walt found those two so easily, but I’m willing to overlook it in light of sheer awesomeness.

Dropping in on Lydia and Todd was all kinds of hilarious. The look on their faces was priceless, but beyond that, they should have known better. A massive warning siren should have sounded in their heads, but the fact that they underestimate Walt, yet again, made it all the sweeter. I still have no clue what Uncle Jack was thinking back in the desert when he actually let Walt go. Why in God’s name he thought Walt would let things slide is beyond me. That certainly bit him in the ass, now didn’t it? The showdown between Walt and Uncle Jack was quick, but it made sense and was oh, so rewarding, down to the final shot to head. The scenario with him and Jesse worked out the way I figured it would, Walt saves Jesse, and Jesse goes free, but not before having the opportunity to kill Walt. I knew he wouldn’t do it. He could’ve, and no doubt part of him really wanted to, but Jesse had seen enough at this point and just wanted it to be over. I’m glad he got out, but I wish he had a barrel or two of money in the trunk with him. At least he got to take out Todd. That neck snap was a beautiful sound, almost as beautiful as Lydia’s final phone call. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

BREAKING BAD'S SERIES FINALE plays out like the climax of a great story should, and though it may not end exactly the way we all wanted it to (call me cynical, but I wanted Walt to live), it did so with a sense of grace and dignity that we can all be proud of. It was beyond moving to see Walt admit to Skyler that he did it all for him. What a scene. Regardless of what she think of the guy at this point, he did originally get into it for them, but power corrupts, and Heisenberg became a god amongst men—in Walt’s mind anyway, and he loved every second of it. Nothing tugged on the old heartstrings harder than seeing him say goodbye to Holly, and then watching Walt Jr. from afar. That’s the one character I truly feel sorry for. He didn’t get closure, hell, he barely got any truth. He’ll need that money for intense therapy down the road. As for the great Heisenberg, I’m glad he died saving Jesse. He didn’t expect to live past that night anyway, so it was nice to see that bond they once shared surface at the right moment. It worked for me. Seeing him do that final walkabout the meth lab reinforces what he told Skyler, he was never more alive than he was as his alter ego, Heisenberg, you could see it in his eyes. But at least he died in peace, knowing that he’d accomplished (more or less) what he set out to do. Again, hat’s off to Vince, his crew, the other writers and especially the cast for bringing us five seasons of epic television that will be sorely missed and damn near impossible to replace. Farewell Breaking Bad, we’ll never forget that special love we shared for our baby blue.


Sometimes all you need is a bigass gun...wired to your car remote.


There was more than one, but I loved when Elliott came at Walt with that small knife and Walt says: “Elliott, if we’re gonna go that way, you’re gonna need a bigger knife.”


Jesse got his revenge bitch!


The entire episode was one huge cool scene, but that’d be copout so I’ll go with the whole bit at the house with Elliott and Gretchen. I honestly had no clue how Walt was going to get his family that money (or if he would at all), but seeing it unfold the way it did was beyond gratifying.





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Extra Tidbit: One of my favorite characters was Tuco, and my favorite Tuco scene was when he breaks a piece of meth and inhales it, exclaiming, “Tight, tight, tight!” Cracks me up every time.
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