UPDATED: Lindsay Lohan may be up for a role in Ben Affleck's Live By Night

UPDATE: Well, it looks like even the prospect of Lindsay Lohan touching LIVE BY NIGHT is upsetting some people. A source claiming to be close to the production emailed me and emphatically stated that the production is not in the casting stage at all and that Lohan is in no way being considered for any part in the movie. We can all now rest a little easier knowing this rumor is just that.

Take this with a grain of salt as Ben Affleck has become a respected, Oscar-winning filmmaker, but there is a website claiming that Lindsay Lohan is being considered for a part in the director's upcoming LIVE BY NIGHT. Showbiz 411 says Lohan is "this close" to signing on for a role. The site goes on to theorize it may be as the character of Emma, a waitress who has a relationship with the two main characters.

Here's the plot synopsis for LIVE BY NIGHT, the novel by Dennis Lehane:

A cop’s son falls in with bad guys and becomes one. But in Lehane’s hands, the Prohibition-era tale of Joe Coughlin’s rise to criminal power is both fresh and nuanced, packed with guns, booze, and babes as it roars from Boston to Tampa to Cuba. As Coughlin crosses deeper into the dark side--among those who “live by night and dance fast”--he provokes the question that sustains this propulsive narrative: Can a man be a good mobster and a good person at the same time? Incredibly, Lehane, who becomes more masterful with each book, has us rooting for Coughlin even as he slowly becomes the kind of monster mobster he once reviled and rebelled against.

Lohan is currently starring in Paul Schrader's THE CANYONS which doesn't appear to be doing much to redeem the MEAN GIRLS star as an actress. I am not sure why Ben Affleck would go with Lohan, whose legal troubles have created massive issues for the insurance on studio films. Maybe it cost too much to make Blake Lively look like a crackwhore in THE TOWN so he figured he would go the cheap route?

Affleck will be starring in David Fincher's GONE GIRL before he begins filming LIVE BY NIGHT, so this is a very early casting rumor and one I hope turns out to be false.

Source: Showbiz 411

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