Lindsay Lohan officially joins Gotti film, but not as Victoria

I was amused at the silly notion that Lindsay Lohan would be attached to something as high profile as John Travolta's John Gotti film, GOTTI: THREE GENERATIONS, but as it turns out, it's actually happening.

Last week we reported that Joe Pesci had joined up and she was circling a part as well. Only one of those sounded legit, but as it happens, both have now come to pass.

Though Lohan was said to be originally eying the role of Victoria Gotti, she's actually been cast as John Gotti Jr.'s wife Kim, with the Jr. role still yet to be filled.

This should be eventful to say the least. Lohan has dropped out of more projects than she's starred in, and though she hasn't been to court or rehab in the last month, I don't think she's exactly been building homes for the poor either.

Does she have her shit together enough to stick around through the filming of an entire movie, especially one as dramatically demanding as this one? 


Extra Tidbit: Might this be the reason Cassavetes left? Hah.
Source: THR



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