Did Lindsay Lohan try to get out of Scary Movie 5?

It's not like we were begging for another sequel to the SCARY MOVIE franchise, but that's not stopping Hollywood from churning one out.  And why shouldn't they?  They're relatively cheap to make with B-list stars and cheesy effects and the box office/video receipts prove that it's a bankable franchise.  Thus, ol' Tiger Blood himself, Charlie Sheen, is jumping into the satire series again, but one of his co-stars isn't as eager to play along.

Our favorite lost child actress Lindsay Lohan signed on for a walk-on role (presumably as herself) in the film, but supposedly after ignoring all the usual pre-production stuff (meetings, fittings, y'know, the professional dribble), Lohan decided that she didn't want to play anymore, missing her flight to the set and instead heading to a hospital in order to hopefully get a doctor's note for walking pnuemonia as a means of getting out of the film (due to illness).  Lohan's rep dismissed the charges, saying, ""These stories are untrue, and she is willingly fulfilling all of her obligations (for the film)."  Yeah.  Sure.  Maybe.  Doubtful.

This isn't Lohan's first rodeo, as she was pushed out of the Linda Lovelace film INFERNO as a result of her unpredictability (she was replaced by Malin Akerman).  When not wearing an ankle bracelet or bending fenders, Lohan has actually been working of late, shooting the Bret Easton Ellis script THE CANYONS for Paul Schrader and playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biopic LIZ AND DICK. 

Not exactly the promising career that everyone thought she'd have after successful turns in FREAKY FRIDAY and MEAN GIRLS.  But, shit, that's nothing new.  I was actually watching MEAN GIRLS on Netflix a few nights ago and found myself perplexed as to why Lohan couldn't get her shit together.  Perhaps she'll turn a "Barrymore" and surprise us all one day, but I kinda doubt it. This all may seem "gossipy" but, what the hell, it's fun to ride the Lohan rollercoaster every now and again.

SCARY MOVIE 5 is currently filming (Holy shit, aren't you excited??) with stars Charlie Sheen, Kevin Hart, Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear, and Craig Bierko.  It will see some kind of release in 2013.

I don't what this is...but...here it is...

Extra Tidbit: Scary Movie 5 doesn't need to make fun of anything. They should just put everyone in a room with their familiar vices and call action. That would be a truly scary movie.
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