Lionsgate developing franchises around My Little Pony, Monopoly, & John Wick

Odds are you will be excited by at least one of the new franchises that Lionsgate it developing. Studio CEO Jon Feltheimer revealed the plans Lionsgate has for the future of JOHN WICK as well as plans for both My Little Pony and Monopoly. Yeah, I know you are foaming at the mouth to learn more about the My Little Pony movie.

Feltheimer revealed that MY LITTLE PONY is currently in production with singer/actress Kristen Chenoweth voicing a new character to the fictional universe. My Little Pony has been a popular toy and animated series franchise since the 1980s but has recently become more popular thanks to new toys and animated films and series. There is no indication if the feature will be based on the existing cartoons or offer an entry level film for new fans of the franchise.

Both MY LITTLE PONY and the MONOPOLY films, part of a partnership with Hasbro's Allspark Films, are described as "repeatable franchises". I would take that to mean they intend to cram as many films and other products down our throats over the coming years. They are also entering into a deal with StudioCanal that will include a new version of the classic ROBINSON CRUSOE.

In regards to JOHN WICK, Lionsgate has already announced a sequel to the sleeper hit starring Keanu Reeves but also revealed they are working on a virtual reality game to tie into the film. The game will be a first person shooter that centers on the Continental Hotel from the first film. There was no new information in regards to JOHN WICK 2, but Feltheimer did refer to the film as "an action franchise", so I would hope that means more theatrical releases and not direct-to-Redbox fare that the studio has been known for.

Lionsgate is hoping to continue building themselves as a sturdy production studio even as they wrap up THE HUNGER GAMES later this year. Regardless of quality, MY LITTLE PONY, MONOPOLY, and JOHN WICK will definitely be hits for their target demographics. I just hope they don't go for quantity over quality.

Source: Deadline



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