Lionsgate looks to add iconic characters to Deploy and Destroy mobile game

AppsMinistry, the publisher of the first-person mobile shooter Deploy and Destroy, has just released a significant update to their game which allows tournament play and gives players an idea as to how big Lionsgate thinks the title is likely to get. While it's no Fortnite, Deploy and Destroy offers gamers a unique experience by introducing cinematic icons as playable characters into the game. As a part of the shooter's latest update, players can now enjoy a new competitive mode which disables auto-aim as well as bot capabilities. The new build also makes all weapons available to every character in the roster. While that all might sound like standard fare for a mobile shooter, its been revealed that the first tournament will also introduce elements of the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD IP. This addition comes after Deploy and Destroy has already allowed players to select characters from THE DIVERGENT franchise.

Down the line, Deploy and Destroy is looking to add more characters from Lionsgate's expansive library of films, including titles like JOHN WICK and SAW. Recently, Peter Levin, president of interactive ventures, games and digital strategies at Lionsgate, spoke with Variety about this exciting development in the game's evolution.

“We spend a lot of time meeting with talented developers from all over the world who are passionate about our movies and TV shows,” Levin said. Developer “Apps Ministry are huge fans of “The Divergent Series,” and that’s where the conversation about “Deploy and Destroy” started. As we got into the early stages of development, we realized the design and mechanics in front of us could make for a super fun mashup of fan-favorite IP — imagine John Wick and Rambo fighting in an arena modeled after the cabin from “Ash vs Evil Dead,” for instance. If memory serves, this idea popped into our minds during a late-night play session between our team and Apps Ministry. We pivoted directions, developed the concept for a multiverse, and quickly put in place the legal and design infrastructure to do this.”

Levin was also quick to add that they hope to introduce more characters to the game in good time. He also said that the inclusion would eventually reach beyond the studio's more action-oriented properties and characters.

“While our vision is to deliver the ultimate mashup for action fans, our main priority is making sure we find fun characters that match the tone of this world we’ve created,” he said. “Perhaps the crew from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ could take on a team made up of John Wick, Ash, Rambo and Barney Ross. The possibilities are endless.”

In the past, Deploy and Destroy has been criticized by gamers for presenting them with a "pay to win" platform. What this means is that some fans have found that the title relies too much on in-game purchases to achieve progression or tip the scales in combat, leaving some players at a gross disadvantage. This can mean death for most titles, though Levin has come forward to say that the latest update addresses some of those player's concerns.

“I think if you spend some time with today’s update, you’ll find some of your concerns addressed,” Levin said, when asked about the pay to play issue. “We know competitive gamers are opposed to anything that feels pay-to-win, so we’ve added a new Tournament Mode where, among other features, the only available purchases are cosmetic. It’s our first step forward toward creating the kind of thriving competitive community we helped build in ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.'”

From what I've read, the new build does not remove the "pay to win" infrastructure entirely. However, that aspect of the game has now been relegated to the non-tournament sections of the mobile shooter. When asked if the company will continue to explore the "pay to win" balancing issues in the game, Levin said the following:

“Indeed, there are still discussions going on internally about how we want to handle this kind of stuff now that the game is in players’ hands,” he said. “This update represents the first major steps we’ve taken to address player feedback, but it won’t be the last, and this is an area where we’re still listening to the community as we flesh out our direction.”

Deploy and Destroy is available for download now on Android-based mobile devices.

Source: Variety



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