2015 Paramount Pictures Preview!

Paramount had a pretty good year for 2014, most notably because of some rampaging Transformers, a squad of mutated Turtles, and a Christopher Nolan space epic, taking 6th place with 10.2 percent of the Market Share and a box office total of just over $1 billion. This year sees a scaled-back roster with a few sequels, a few reboots, and some original entries to fill everything out. The most notable entries include a CGI Spongebob flick that's sure to bring in the kids crowd, a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE sequel that's sure to appeal to the R-rated comedy crowd, another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequel and a FRIDAY THE 13th reboot for the horror camp, a rebootequel to THE TERMINATOR franchise, and finally, the big show, a fifth sequel to the ever-popular MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise. While the roster is small, there's certainly the chance that Paramount can make a killing with a few of these flicks, but it will be tough to top the moneymaker that was 2014 for the studio.

Take a look at the full line-up and let us know which ones you're looking forward to!

Terminator: Genisys (July 1)

After finding himself in a new time-line, Kyle Reese teams up with John Connor's mother Sarah and an aging terminator to try and stop the one thing that the future fears, "Judgement Day".

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, J.K. Simmons, Matt Smith, and Byung-hun Lee. Directed by Alan Taylor.

Mission: Impossible V (July 31)

No plot details are known at this time.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, Sean Harris, Alec Baldwin, and America Olivo. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Friday the 13th (November 13)

The return of the legendary mass murderer Jason Voorhees in the new Friday the 13th. Directed by David Bruckner.

Scouts vs. Zombies (October 30)

Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.

Starring: Halston Sage, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Tye Sheridan, David Koechner, and Sara Malakul Lane. Directed by Christopher Landon.

Monster Trucks (May 29)

The plot outline is being kept under wraps for now.

Starring: Jane Levy, Rob Lowe, Thomas Lennon, Amy Ryan, Barry Pepper, Lucas Till, Danny Glover, Holt McCallany, and Frank Whaley. Directed by Chris Wedge.

The Moon and the Sun (April 10)

King Louis XIV's quest for immortality leads him to capture and steal a mermaid's life force, a move that is further complicated by his illegitimate daughter's discovery of the creature.

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, William Hurt, Benjamin Walker, Kaya Scodelario, Bingbing Fan, and Ben Lloyd-Hughes. Directed by Sean McNamara.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (March 13)

The plot is unknown at this time.

Starring: Billy Shepperd. Directed by Gregory Plotkin.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (February 20)

When Lou, who has become the "father of the Internet," is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob and Nick fire up the time machine again to save their friend.

Starring: Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs, Chevy Chase, Collette Wolfe, and Thomas Lennon. Directed by Steve Pink.

SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water (February 6)

SpongeBob goes on a quest to discover a stolen recipe that takes him to our dimension, our world, where he tangles with a pirate.

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Seth Green, Clancy Brown, Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Mr. Lawrence. Directed by Paul Tibbitt, Mike Mitchell.

Project Almanac (January 30)

As a group of friends discover plans for a time machine, they build it and use it to fix their problems and personal gain. But as the future falls apart with disasters, and each of them disappear little by little, they must travel back to the past to make sure they never invent the machine or face the destruction of humanity.

Starring: Amy Landecker, Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D'Elia, Virginia Gardner, Allen Evangelista, Katie Garfield, Sam Lerner. Directed by Dean Israelite.

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