Adam Sandler's 10 Greatest Moments

Believe it or not, there was a time when "the new Sandler movie" would get me excited each and every year. Yes, I was a twentysomething punk. Yes, I was drunk most of the time. Yes, I thought dick and fart jokes were hilarious (still do, actually). It's a feeling that has slowly died off in recent years. His opening weekends used to call for a kegger and drunk frolic to the theater with a dozen buddies. Now it might get an eye-roll and a re-visit to BILLY MADISON if I'm feeling frisky. So, with JUST GO WITH IT forcing it's way into theaters this Friday, I thought we could remember the good old days. I've already got the keg, you bring the gin & tonicas. SPOILERS AHEAD!


Everything about this film fell into place perfectly for me. Now completely clear of SNL, Sandler set a new standard for sports comedies, became the reigning bad-boy of comedy, made golf interesting, and started the empire he so enjoys today. If he could remember why it was so great and forget about his boys for a script or two we'd all win. Except his boys, of course. C'mon, Adam, you can do it.


I wonder if he realizes how perfect this roll was for him. It's easily his best performance to date and came on the heels of, in my opinion, one of his worst projects (LITTLE NICKY). It was a side of him I didn't ask for but was thankful I got to see. More please.

3. They're All Gonna Laugh at You

There are few CDs on this planet that I have played more than this. This disc used to give me lethal fits of laughter that usually ended in me puking or pissing myself. Mostly both. It also made me buy tickets to see him in concert. Not stand-up, mind you, CONCERT. I remember nothing.


As he exited SNL he gave us this gem and immediately became one of the funniest people on the planet. It wasn't a Hollywood debut of Eddie Murphy standards or anything but it was clear fratboys across the country had a new hero. And that Bridgette Wilson was smoking hot. And that poop fire bombs were still funny.

5. The SNL Years

You wouldn't have know it at the time but Sandler was the powerhouse of a cast that consisted of Farley, Spade, Rock, Meadows, Schneider, Myers, Nealon, Carvey, and Hartman. It's no small feat to be the most successful of that group (even though the two most promising are no longer with us).

6. Bobby Boucher

THE WATERBOY was on the tail-end of the "I'll see whatever Sandler does" stage for me. Hilarious at times ( the "I saw her boobies" line still makes me giggle like a bitch) but I also blame this character for giving birth to LITTLE NICKY, which I loathed.


If you told me Adam Sandler was going to make one of the most tragic and touching films dealing with 9/11 ever made without offending anybody before this came out I would have punched you in the liver. And then I would have ran because I wasn't listening to a word you said.


The more I thought about this film, the more I liked it. It's not so much about the character he plays as it is the fact that he could carry such a great cast while not having to push some flamboyant personality down our throats. I'm looking at you, ZOHAN. He's just himself and it made realize I like just himself.


I seriously love the fact that Sandler made himself into the perfect guy in this film. Laid back, rich as all hell, an ultimate shit kicker, and the nicest dude on the planet. There's no real character arc to deal with here...... and I love it.


Fat suit aside, this was another decent story that surprised a lot of people. There's no crying in a Sandler movie, right? Right? Also, it has one of the greatest fart scenes of all time. And that counts for something (everything).

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