Comic Con Ten Spot: Hotties vs. Geeks 2012!

And we're back! Our annual Hotties vs. Geeks Ten Spot has been a tradition for years around these parts. It takes hours of aimlessly strolling through the Convention Center with your camera pointed outward, ready for any and all costumes. The worst part of doing this article is when I see a pretty sweet and sexy costume from behind and then stalk her for a few minutes. I finally catch up and get in front of her and she looks like a bloated bridge troll. It's awkward for everybody. I'm ready to snap a shot, she stops and expects me to line her up, and then I have to pretend I was looking at somebody behind her and rush off. I've actually pretended to take a few pictures because there was no escape. Anyhoo, enough about my problems, let's get to the battle!

Red Skull vs. Cat Woman

I don't know if you noticed but this shit is already over. My original plan was to have Ash lose and let the drama unfold right here. It's undeniable though, the Geeks brought it good this year while the Hotties still show up in the same old sexy go-to outfits. I'll give this one to the Cat because I don't want this to get too ugly, but look at that Skull costume. Bad. Ass. Congrats, Geeks! The older I get, the more votes go your way. Final Score: Hotties: 4 / Geeks: 6. GEEKS WIN!

Gandalf vs. Harley Quinn

This was another tight one. In the end though, the Harley chick would not stay still for a second. I think people started chasing her through the lobby at one point. There's nothing like sticking your camera in the middle of a conversation and then strolling off. "Hey!" she says. "JoBlo, bitch!" I say. Hotties: 3 / Geeks: 6

Ash vs. Rogue

This was a hard one. Is Ash more geeky than Rogue is hot? I gotta say yes. There was a lot more effort on his part too. Wait...... she is really hot though. NO! Ash FTW. Hotties: 3 / Geeks: 5

This Asshole vs. Emma Frost

I shouldn't call this dude and asshole because he was funny as hell. When I asked for a picture he countered with "Why?" There's gotta be some respect for a dude that just rolls out of bed and pulls whatever he can find out of his little brother's drawers to go to Comic Con. He still loses though, because Emma was hot as shit. I enjoyed the hell out of cropping her boyfriend's face off. Hotties: 3 / Geeks: 4

Masters of the Universe vs. The Asylum Girls

I loved these MotU guys. They were so tired of posing like idiots. Look at Man-at-Arms, he's ready to kill somebody. The Asylum girls were a breath of fresh air. Especially that one in the middle. I didn't have to guess who they were and they work at The Asylum for God's sake! Hotties: 2 / Geeks: 4

Tracy Morgan vs. The Ginger Corset

I seriously thought that was Tracy Morgan. It wasn't. I have no idea who he's dressed up as either so feel free to yell at your computer screen now. Feel better? Ginger Corset had the biggest boobs of the day but she leaned in a way that made me miss the magic. I felt weird about asking her to pull her hair back and rip open her shirt. For that, she loses. Hotties: 1 / Geeks: 4

Steamboy/Flash Guy vs. The XX-Women

This guy is probably neither Steamboy or Flash but my fingers are too tired to search. He stayed in that position for roughly 20 pictures. These XX-Chicks were rough. Is that The Punisher in the middle or just their security for the day? She is not fucking around. Hotties: 1 / Geeks: 3

Estupendo Man vs. Wonder Woman

This Mexican dude was awesome. He was just standing outside of ballroom 20 by himself, waiting for everybody to come and take pictures of him. I was kind of scared to approach him. Wonder Woman seems kind of plain. I do appreciate the forced cleavage though. This one came down to bulges - and Estupendo's package was much more impressive than Wonder Woman's belly button. Hottie: 1 / Geeks: 2

Predator vs. Poison Ivy

For some reason that Predator dude was wearing a Captain America shield on his back. It was weird but I liked it. Poison was nice but her lack of cleavage gave her no chance in the end. Hotties: 1 / Geeks: 1

Midget Iron Man vs. Snooty Baroness

Okay, Iron Man wasn't really a midget, but came in at around 4'8". And he wasn't a kid because I saw him with the mask off moments before that pic. Baroness was pissed about everything. I love the people that get all dressed up like assholes so they can get as much attention as possible and then smash you in the face with attitude the second you ask for a pic. She still wins though because I like that guy's cut-off jeans behind her. Hotties: 1 / Geeks: 0

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