The Incredible Screencap Challenge - August 10, 2012

Welcome back to another Incredible Screencap Challenge, where we post the stills and you tell us what movie each image is from. Easy, right? Put your movie knowledge to the test and see how many YOU can get right.

Ok, so most of last week’s screencaps were relatively easy… especially #4. I thought maybe it’s obvious nature would stump a few of you and it seemingly sort of did, but regardless you were able to determine the correct answer. Hopefully this week’s challenge will provide a little bit more of an actual challenge for you. Check out the answers from last week:

#1: Prometheus
#2: Sixteen Candles
#3: The Departed
#4: You’ve Got Mail
#5: The Matrix

Click on through and try your best to figure out what movie each screencap is from. Even if you don’t know for sure what the answer is, have fun with it and give it a shot! Please respond directly below each image with your guess. Good luck and remember, even if you don’t know the answer for sure, take a guess anyways and just have fun with the challenge!

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