The Ten Spot: 10 Awesome Fanboys in Film

I still don't know if I'm really a fanboy or not. I like movies. I like comics books. I like comic book movies. I suppose I'm not as angry as I should be. Some of these rants I read on the internet are fascinating (and sad). I guess I lack the passion anymore. I'm old. I try to push my favorites on my kids but they seem to leave me in the dust with some of the shit they enjoy watching. What the hell is a Ben 10? Whatever, THE AVENGERS still looks amazing. Twelve-year-old me told me so.

1. Randy Meeks - SCREAM

I still believe Randy is the most accurate and honest portrayal of the modern-day fanboy. The SCREAM franchise's biggest mistake will always be killing him off. He spoke for an entire generation of horror fans. He died and ironically turned our greatest modern horror series into shit. SCREAM 4 was decent but lacked some of the "rules". Randy would have corrected that.

2. The Monster Squad - THE MONSTER SQUAD

What starts out as a tree-house meeting for little horror nerds turns out to be an actual battle with all their favorite classic monsters in order to save the planet. These dudes set fanboy standards for generations to come. If, when I was a kid, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, Pinhead, and Chucky came to life to take over the world, we'd be fucked. I'm a pussy.


When the world's biggest Incredibles fan gets shit on by his greatest hero and then grows up to be their biggest threat - there are some serious props to be handed out. Buddy devotes his entire life to becoming Syndrome and killing his childhood idol. George Lucas might want to think about this.

4. Danny Madigan - LAST ACTION HERO

It's one thing to be an expert on action movies. It's a whole different thing to get sucked into one and help the hero save the day. I'll be honest here, I hate Danny, and this movie, but sometimes you gotta take one for the team in order to meet your deadline.

5. The Frog Brothers - LOST BOYS

Two teenage punks who run their own comic book store and fight vampires on the side? More like Fan-Men! Something tells me they were prepared for anything. Aliens, zombies, super villains, monsters.... whatever. Open a couple comic boxes and the Frog Bros. were ready to rumble.

6. The Fanboys - FANBOYS

They're much more pleasant than your average "real-life" STAR WARS fanboys but still did a decent enough job at showing the world why George Lucas keeps taking their money. Imagine if you were dying and THE PHANTOM MENACE was the last film you ever watched. Yeesh!

7. Dave & Chainsaw - SUMMER SCHOOL

When you talk your teacher into showing THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in class you know you have represented the film geeks well. Why did these guys even need to be in school? Their special effects work was top notch.


Love this entry because it makes me feel a little bit better about my own life. Though, when I got my first piece of ass I didn't sell all my toys. I just didn't let them sleep with me anymore.

9. Brodie Bruce - MALLRATS

I love how angry Brodie gets when he finds out Stan Lee is at the mall. Just the fact that he didn't know about it makes him pissed off at the world. If anybody knows about internet fanboy trolls it's Kevin Smith. They are his bread & butter and his pain in the ass at the same time.


More of a music snob but Barry and Dick have that Fanboy mentality that gets under your skin just enough to make you never want to show at their store again. And he has a sweet band.

Honorable Mention: Charlie & Robbie - SCREAM 4

Basically just a rip-off of a another (superior) character but still did a good enough job without making me roll my eyes every 3 seconds. Anybody that organizes a film festival in a barn and gets the featured killer to show up and try to kill people deserves a nod. Nod.
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