The Ten Spot: My 10 Favorite Potheads

I had to be reminded about the festivities surrounding today (4/20) by my boss. I've never been a big smoker as I've always preferred to lap the drink for my personal destruction. That doesn't mean I can't find entertainment in the cinematic pothead. In fact, whenever I watch these dudes get high and talk shit about aliens mouth raping the meaning of life I get an urge to fill up a bowl and find out what all the fuss is about. Then I get drunk, poop myself, and go to bed. It's the circle of (my) life. Happy 4/20, you crazy burnouts!

2. Cheech and/or Chong - The Cheech & Chong Library

Everybody on this list owes their slacker heritage to these boys. They are the masters at finding the humor in being baked. I wonder how they celebrate 4/20 nowadays. I'm thinking it's a day filled with long naps and annoyance.

3. Smokey - FRIDAY

Might be a little higher (perfect pun) than some people would have put him but Smokey had a big part of my post-collegiate life. Me and my friends once watched this movie ten times in a row while sitting around the house getting drunk and slamming our faces in bowls of slop. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would get up to switch the tape.


Fun loving potheads are the best potheads. So says me, the guy that has smoked up once or twice and fell asleep immediately. You think Sean Penn ever watches this movie? You think he cuts himself after doing so?

5. Jay - CLERKS

Knowing that Jay in the movie was pretty much identical to Jay in real life at the time of this shoot makes everything he does funnier. I wonder what would have become of Kevin Smith's career had Jay not been such an amazing idiot.


Harold and Kumar's adventures would be painfully less entertaining without having Kumar high the majority of the time. You never see crackheads have this much fun. Except this one guy that lives behind the local daycare. He's hilarious.


Slater is one of those dudes that smokes and gets smarter than everybody around him. His theories on George Washington and aliens make perfect sense in the right atmosphere. This was every fourth guy I knew when I was in high school.


Speaking of couches, that's where Saul unleashes the Cross Joint, something I've been curious about ever since. I'm not a religious man. Will this help with that? Bless you, Jebus.

9. Dante - GRANDMA'S BOY

I didn't want to laugh at this movie at all. But Dante is so stupid you can't help but love the dude and you end up looking forward to every scene he's in. You ever notice potheads always share the screen with a couch at some point?

10. Floyd - TRUE ROMANCE

Mostly because I want to be him. I want to crash on Moreno's couch for the rest of my life eating chips and smoking bowls. Only if I could get Moreno to move his lazy ass over.

Honorable Mention: Marty - THE CABIN IN THE WOODS

It takes a lot of years to get to the level of slacking the rest of this list has achieved. Marty is new to the scene but held his own and turned the cliche around just enough for him to get a shout-out here.
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