Top 10 Cult Comic Books That Would Make Cool Movies

Marvel and DC own the big screen comic book world but there are countless properties ripe for adaptation that do not fall directly into their mainstream vision. Several of these comic books come from the world of Marvel or DC but will likely never fall into the combined cinematic universes of either major company. Still, these comics all have a fervent fan base who would love to see them become feature films. Here are the ten comic properties we most want to see become feature films and the reasons why. If we missed one, or you disagree with our choices, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Y The Last Man

What if every male on Earth suddenly died, leaving one man and his monkey as the potential saviors of the human race? Y The Last Man ran it's course and delivered a complete story that is ripe for adaptation. Plans have been started and fizzled multiple times to make this into a film but the stars have not quite aligned. Now is the perfect time for a willing studio to get this story told since it doesn't require a big budget or CGI, just great actors.

#2 - Saga

One of the most intriguing and unique comic books in print, Saga is very hard to categorize. Blending space opera, brilliant writing, and unique art, Saga is a comic book for adults. I cannot help but think that Saga would work better as a television series where the themes of politics and race could be explored more deeply, but this would certainly work as a thinking person's scifi epic.

#3 - Lobo

Everyone's favorite anti-hero from DC Comics, Lobo ranks alongside Deadpool as the character no one could seem to get quite right on the big screen. Attempts have been made, most recently with Dwayne Johnson potentially up for the role, but it has never quite worked out. If DEADPOOL can be a part of the Fox Marvel Universe, there is no reason Lobo cannot exist in DC's. I just hope someone jumps on this while the R-rating is hot.

#4 - Fables

Have you seen Once Upon A Time on ABC? Imagine that series but darker and better written with an edge similar to The Walking Dead. That is Fables. Combining all of the famed fairy tale characters from around the world into a shared world with unexpected villains has made the 150 issue run of Fables on of the greatest of all time. I would say not to mess with perfection, but I cannot help but think this world deserves to be translated to the big screen.

#5 - The Tick

Patrick Warburton's short-lived turn as The Tick on the FOX live action series renewed interest in this satirical take on comic books, but we have yet to see anyone else tackle the rich world of the blue-suited goof. I would expect any big screen adaptation to share a lot in common with the underrated MYSTERY MEN, which itself spoofed the genre brilliantly. I just hope that if this movie ever happens that Patrick Warburton is somehow involved.

#6 - The Maxx

Previously realized as an MTV cartoon, The Maxx is one of the most unique stories ever to grace a comic book. Existing in dual realities, the titular character is at once a superhero protecting the Jungle Queen in a post-apocalyptic world known as The Outback and a homeless vagrant existing in our world where he interacts with a beautiful social worker. Which world is real or are both? Either way, this could be a powerful big screen story that could take advantage of the duality of every character in a way unique to any comic book film.

#7 - Vampirella

Big boobs and vampire teeth combine for the ultimate comic book pin-up character. Vampirella has the comic book origin of a superhero (born on an alien world of vampires) and has the vast backstory that could appeal to men and women alike. Fans of Dracula would enjoy this take on the mythology while the studio could capitalize on the sex appeal of whichever actress dons the revealing costume.

#8 - Madman

Frank Einstein, named after Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, is also the Image Comics hero known as Madman. Brought back from the dead with various supernatural powers and a white costume with a bright red logo, Madman is a bizarre and more comical character than many superheroes. He is just weird enough that he doesn't fit into the mainstream, but also odd enough that any film based on the character would become a cult favorite.

#9 - Spawn

Another character who already had a feature film, Spawn deserves the full treatment we have been teased with for the last decade. Forget the watered down PG-13 version, we want something closer in tone to the HBO animated series. If R-rated superhero movies are going to be hot right now, why not go with the most popular character from the late 1990s and deliver us Spawn.

#10 - The Mask

While we have already gotten two movies based on The Mask, neither has truly captured the manic mayhem of the rubber-faced character. The Jim Carrey version was more of a vehicle for the actor while the sequel was one of the worst movies ever made. Still, a truly great version of The Mask is still possible if the right filmmakers are given the ability to make a darker film along the lines of DEADPOOL.

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