Top 10 DC Comics Characters That Deserve Their Own TV Series

As DC Comics prepares to launch their cinematic universe, their small screen world is a massive success. From the ratings highs of Gotham and Supergirl to the growing fan-bases of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, DC has found a way to translate their characters to episodic storytelling. With a large universe of characters to choose from, DC has a lot more potential hits on their hands that may not be quite ready for the big screen. Here is our ranking of the ten DC characters with the most potential to make great TV series. Feel free to let us know in the talk backs below if you disagree or think we missed anyone.

#1 - Catwoman

Now hear me out: we can all agree that the Halle Berry film sucked royal ass, right? My biggest complaint was that it didn't follow the Selina Kyle character and wrote Batman out of the plot entirely. Well, I am proposing that a Catwoman series could work without Batman but only if the character was Selina Kyle. Following the thief as she plunders a city but gets caught up in doing the right thing along the way could be a nice alternative to the superpowered elements of other shows. Adding her into the mix of a series like Arrow or Flash could be cool, but I would want to see all of the sexy elements that make Catwoman so damn irresistible.

#2 - Teen Titans

The Teen Titans have been a mainstay of animated programming with both the more serious animated series from a few years ago and the currently wacky Teen Titans Go! Both series showed that this team has more than enough material to mine for a live action series. TNT recently passed on a Titans show but don't count it out. The CW has shown with Legends of Tomorrow that an ensemble superhero show is viable, it just depends on getting the right cast and team dynamic to make it work.

#3 - Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle has the potential to be DC's equivalent of Spider-man. Using an ancient scarab, Jaime Reyes is just a teenager who morphs into the battle suit to fight crime on Earth and in outer space. His involvement with various DC heroes makes him an ideal counterpart to the other shows currently airing on television. Or, you could go the more traditional route and make it focused on Ted Kord. Kord never truly had powers but used inventions to help him fight crime. Either option would work, or you could blend them like last year's ANT-MAN and have a passing of the torch style series.

#4 - Plastic Man

Who doesn't love Plastic Man? The smart-mouthed hero is known for wisecracks and hijinks but also had a period where he was only doing the hero thing for the money. Creating a series around a reluctant hero who truly treats his powers as a job or a means to an end could make for some interesting drama. Plus, with Plastic Man's bevvy of body altering abilities, you could make a very fun television show that doesn't play by the traditional format we have become used to.

#5 - Batwoman

With the success of Supergirl, Batwoman could make a nice companion series. Independent of Batman, Batwoman could exist in a fictional universe all her own while still mining similar story arcs and characters as the Dark Knight. In the latest version of the character, Batwoman is really Kate Kane, a wealthy woman who uses her resources to fight crime in Gotham City. DC has tried to diversify their characters, so Kane is a Jewish lesbian in the comics. It could be interesting to headline a series with a minority character unlike any seen in other superhero shows currently on the air.

#6 - Booster Gold

A time traveling hero who uses his knowledge of the future to stage his own amazing feats, Booster Gold has evolved over the years into a very interesting character. He has elements of tragedy and growth over his history that would make him a very intriguing personality to play. He definitely has big screen potential, but a series would allow more time to truly allow the character to grow from vain and greedy to a true superhero.

#7 - Nightwing

Rumors have long had this character on the brink of appearing in big screen outings but it has yet to happen. Dick Grayson has appeared as Robin before but giving him his own series set in Bludhaven where he fights crime could satisfy Batman fans looking for something other than Gotham. You don't want it to be too much like Arrow but definitely taking a cue from that series tone and style would be a step in the right direction.

#8 - Power Girl

Power Girl may be the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, but you could take that as a starting point to make a very interesting series. CBS has done a good job with making their Supergirl series all about female empowerment, but if you take Power Girl as an alternate version of that character, you could make the series very dark and serious without infringing on the traditional origins of Superman and Supergirl.

#9 - Swamp Thing

Yes, there have already been two films and three seasons of a series on USA, but all took a very B-movie approach to the character. With advances in special effects, you could make a killer Swamp Thing series now. While the character is included in the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK film in development, there is plenty of room to make a series about the big green guy.

#10 - Ragman

The name may not sound familiar but that is a big strength for DC Comics secondary defender of Gotham City. Like Batman, Rory Regan sets out to avenge his slain father. Using a costume made from rags and powered by Jewish mysticism, Ragman absorbs the abilities of his foes and adds patches of their clothes to his costume to retain their skills. His powers are cool enough that you could make an original series about him and still be able to utilize characters from the Batman comics.

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