Top 10 DC Superhero Team-ups We Want To See

JUSTICE LEAGUE opens today and represents the most DC superheroes to share the screen in film history. Now that we have three more superheroes to see save the world, the question of future team-ups comes into play. DC has a long line of pairings and duos that would be awesome on the big screen, but which ones do we want to see? Here is a ranking of the ten DC Comic superhero pairings we want to see. If you disagree or think we missed one, let us know in the comments below.

Shazam and Superman

Shazam and Superman may be the only two DC heroes with enough power to actually take each other on...so why not pit them against each other. Shazam will have to do battle with Black Adam, but he cannot do it alone, so why not bring the Last Son of Krypton in to balance the odds. It makes a heck of a lot more sense than Batman fighting Superman, right?

Green Arrow and Batman

Oliver Queen name checked Bruce Wayne on a recent episode of CW's Arrow which got me thinking about these two heroes. Neither has true superpowers aside from gadgets galore and an abundance of wealth. Who better to team up? Taking the aliens and metahumans out of the equation, Batman and Green Arrow could do some serious damage without sacrificing realism. Someone get me Christopher Nolan to make this happen!

Flash and Green Lantern

Another pairing that has long been popular in comic books, the speedster and the Lantern have enough superpowers that they would be fantastic on an Earthbound adventure or something in deep space. I can see the tone and style of THOR RAGNAROK working beautifully for these heroes regardless of their setting.

Batman and Wonder Woman

BATMAN V SUPERMAN never really made a lot of sense as enemies and we all agree that Wonder Woman was the star of that movie despite limited screen time. More than wanting to see Batman and Catwoman deliver sexual tension on the big screen, I want to see Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck balance romance and fisticuffs in a team-up movie. They both showed chemistry on screen already, why not give them a common foe to fight without the rest of the League?

Green Lantern and Green Arrow

More than just matching color palettes, Arrow and Lantern have a long history in the pages of DC Comics. On the big screen, Lantern's intergalactic scope coupled with Arrow's street level heroics makes for an odd balance of power but that is what makes the characters themselves so cool. Since there are no current plans to bring Oliver Queen to the big screen, introducing him as part of a pairing could help ease him into the DCEU.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Blue Beetle is like a cross between Shazam and Spider-man. Booster Gold is just a time traveling dick. Pair them off and you have double the smartasses and double the humor. Both characters have dedicated fan bases that are far smaller than the major DC characters which means a big screen take on them could go in virtually any direction. The DCEU really needs to embrace the diverse roster of talent they can realize and go for broke by pushing the envelope in every possible way.

Nightwing and Batgirl

There are already Nightwing and Batgirl films in development, but pairing the two would be the next logical move. Both can be dark characters, but we have never seen a truly romantic superhero movie. Their courtship and partnership could take on multiple definitions in a movie that puts them on equal footing. Think ANT-MAN AND THE WASP but less funny and more action.

Batman and Robin

Yeah, this one is kind of a no brainer, but if you think about it we still have never gotten a proper pairing on the big screen before. Chris O'Donnell's Robin was a bit goofy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's never really donned the cowl. Some fans are not big on Robin in any iteration, but with the setup of a former sidekick dying at the hands of the Joker, this latest Batman could have a very distinct relationship with a protege and ward.

Cyborg and Martian Manhunter

Both characters have been members of the core Justice League and both represent a minority voice in superhero lore. Martian Manhunter has been a cool presence on CW's Supergirl while Cyborg is making his big screen debut in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Pairing the very dissimilar characters for an adventure could pose an intriguing setup that audiences won't see coming.

Plastic Man and Elongated Man

While both characters alone may not be interesting enough to carry a solo film, the pair of stretchy heroes are both similar and unique enough from each other that they could make for one hell of a buddy movie. Plastic Man is the more duplicitous of the pair while Elongated Man has a more storied history in DC Comics. If anything, at least they are far more interesting than Mr. Fantastic.

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