Top 10 Fun Facts About Anchorman

It would have been too easy to put together a list of the best quotes or best gags in the ANCHORMAN movies. So, instead of saying "I Love Lamp" or "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" for the billionth time, here is a list of facts and trivia behind the ANCHORMAN movies. Some of these you may know and others may be news to you. So, sit back, enjoy a little afternoon delight, and let this top ten list escalate quickly.

#1 - The original screenplay suggested a different cast

While we know the cast of ANCHORMAN now and would never replace them, Adam McKay and Will Ferrell originally had a totally different set of actors in mind for the roles in the movie. Check out who they originally saw in each role. John C. Reilly as Champ Kind, Chris Parnell as Brick Tamland, Ben Stiller as Brian Fantana, Ed Harris as Ed Harken, Dan Aykroyd as Garth Holiday, and Alec Baldwin as Frank Vitchard. There was also originally another member of the team named Marshall Connors who the writers saw as being played by William H. Macy.

#2 - The narrator is actual anchorman Bill Kurtis

You may recognize the voice-overs in both the ANCHORMAN movies and the trailers. Those smooth vocals belong to famed Chicago news anchor Bill Kurtis. Kurtis has gone on to appear in various television commercials and true crime television series. Kurtis has done little film work outside of his narration for the ANCHORMAN movies.

#3 - The original plot involved cannibals and monkeys

While the first cut of ANCHORMAN had a plot about hippie bank robbers, the first draft of the screenplay had an entirely different story than what we saw in any cut of the film. As originally written, ANCHORMAN would have followed a plane full of news anchors as they crash in the mountains. There they discover the plane was carrying martial arts weapons and monkeys which evolves into a battle between the reporters and the armed primates. Now that I would like to have seen.

#4 - Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone are based on real people

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay developed the idea for the characters in ANCHORMAN after Ferrell saw a documentary about NBC reporter/anchor Jessica Savitch and her male coworkers who discussed their chauvinism at having a woman work the news desk in the 1970s. The rest is history.

#5 - Anchorman 2 is actually the third film in the series

True ANCHORMAN fans know that there was so much material filmed for the movie, mostly due to the expert improvisation skills of the cast, that an entire movie was left on the cutting room floor. When ANCHORMAN hit DVD, a sequel was cobbled together from the remaining footage and packaged as the film WAKE UP, RON BURGUNDY. While not nearly as good as ANCHORMAN, this "lost film" does use the original plot element of a group of bank robbers called The Alarm Clock and has a cameo from Amy Poehler.

#6 - None of the first movie was filmed in San Diego

Outside of aerial shots, the entire movie was shot in Los Angeles and other California locations. The reason was that the buildings in San Diego were too modern to appear set in the 1970s, so LA, Glendale, and Long Beach were outfitted like any movie production to mimic the actual location.

#7 - Paramount passed on the sequel despite the success of the first film

Even though ANCHORMAN grossed $90 million on a $26 million budget, it took almost a decade for the sequel to hit theaters. We heard rumblings as far back as 2008 that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell wanted to make a sequel, but Paramount did not see it as a financially viable project and passed. It was finally in 2010 that we received the glorious news that ANCHORMAN 2 would be coming.

#8 - The film pays homage to The Mary Tyler Moore Show

How could a movie be made about news anchors and not reference the iconic television series that takes place at a news station? Both Ron Burgundy's dog Baxter and Fred Willard's character Ed Harken are references to similarly named characters from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW played by Ted Knight and Ed Asner.

#9 - Judd Apatow has a cameo in the movie

ANCHORMAN has quite a few cameos, especially during the news team battle scene, but there is a quick one in the scene above featuring producer and future comedy movie guru Judd Apatow. It is a blink and you will miss him appearance but he does get to say a hilarious line about diapers and burnt hair.

#10 - The title and tagline for the movie are inspired by the documentary Porn Star

The 2004 Will Ferrell comedy takes it's name from a very unlikely source: the documentary PORN STAR: THE LEGEND OF RON JEREMY. That film tells the tale of the adult film actor nicknamed The Hedgehog and follows his successful and yet unexpected career. You could say that both the movie ANCHORMAN and the development of the movie followed a similarly unexpected path.

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