Top 10 Fall TV Premieres We Are Excited To See

With the Fall television season in full swing with series like Heroes Reborn, Minority Report, Gotham, The Last Man on Earth, Limitless, Scream Queens, and several more already having debuted, we here at JoBlo.com are still anticipating a hell of a lot more quality television over the next several months. With only three months to go in 2015, here are our ten television premieres we are drooling to get a look at. If you have any comments or want to let us know a show we failed to include, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Fargo (Premieres October 12th on FX)

Making a series based on the Coen's FARGO seemed like a terrible idea. But, the Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton led first season of this interconnected anthology series was one of the best shows of the last season. Going back in time but expanding the star power to include Ted Danson, Patrick Wilson, and Kirsten Dunst, Fargo's second season looks like it is going to be one of the highlights of this season.

#2 - Ash vs. Evil Dead (Premieres October 31st on Starz)

After decades of waiting, Bruce Campbell is back as the Deadite killing Ash. While many were hoping to see Campbell return in a big screen EVIL DEAD 4, Starz is delivering the goods with a full season of gore and comedy. Sam Raimi directed the first episode which means we should get some boomstick, some Necronomicon, and some of the most anticipated horror ever put to screen.

#3 - The Walking Dead (Premieres October 11th on AMC)

The Walking Dead has continued to build on it's audience year after year but has even more to live up to for season six thanks to an underwhelming spin-off (ratings-wise) and some hefty cliffhangers last year. With Rick and Morgan set to go toe to toe this year, the Robert Kirkman series is deviating more and more from the source comic. But, that hasn't stopped many from expecting the debut of Negan, the villain who makes the Governor look like Barney the Dinosaur.

#4 - Marvel's Jessica Jones (Premieres November 20th on Netflix)

Marvel and Netflix hit a home run with their Daredevil series but even with that, Jessica Jones is still a gamble. Tonally different than any other Marvel project to date, Jessica Jones will deal with PTSD and focus on the first female superhero to lead her own project. Krysten Ritter plays the title role as a retired hero turned private detective as she navigates the same Hell's Kitchen as Matt Murdock. We have yet to see any footage from the show, but simply having Marvel in the title earns this series the #4 spot.

#5 - The Flash (Premieres October 6th on The CW)

Arrow was supplanted last season by spin-off The Flash which has been the best superhero series on television with a mix of fun stories, pulp action, well-done effects, and a perfectly cast leading man in Grant Gustin. Promising a time traveling centered second season complete with another Flash in the form of Jay Garrick, Greg Berlanti's series will try to avoid the sophomore slump and keep building the best DC adaptation on the small screen.

#6 - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Premiered September 29th on ABC)

Debuting just a few days ago, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has built on a shaky first season to give us a solid second year. With the new season focused on the Inhumans and the promise of showcasing the Secret Warriors, Agent Coulson and company have their hands full to hold up a Marvel Cinematic Universe left unsteady after the underwhelming AGE OF ULTRON.

#7 - American Horror Story: Hotel (Premieres October 7th on FX)

Having watched every season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story to date, I am excited to see the first entry without leading lady Jessica Lange. While Lange was the highlight of each season, it was starting to feel like she was just playing variations of the same character. Lady Gaga, while not the most experienced actress, should inject something new and unique to this year's proceedings. I am expecting some envelope-pushing horror this year, so I hope the show delivers.

#8 - Arrow (Premieres October 7th on The CW)

Last season, Arrow hit a creative plateau. Trying to balance pointless flashbacks and a non-threatening villain in R'as Al Ghul, Greg Berlanti and company are aiming for a narrative reset this season. With new villains and a lighter tone to keep it more in line with The Flash, Arrow is hoping to recapture the vibe from it's stellar first season.

#9 - Supergirl (Premieres October 26th on CBS)

Supergirl will not feature Superman and has a poppy, bubblegum vibe to try and pull in young female viewers. DC's latest network adaptation has the benefit of being developed by the same minds as Arrow and The Flash, but the pilot has already drawn groans from comic book fans in general. I typically am not a fan of CBS shows, but I am still hoping that the series can deliver some fun without making us roll our eyes.

#10 - Into The Badlands (Premieres November 15th on AMC)

AMC still boasts one of the highest quality slates of original programming of any network, cable or otherwise. With a few missteps playing in genre television, AMC still challenges what kind of programming makes it onto the air and Into The Badlands looks to be one of their most unique experiments. Based on a 16th century Chinese fable, the limited series stars Daniel Wu as a warrior guiding a young boy through a feudal land. Featuring imagery that blends post-apocalyptic action with retro style, Into the Badlands looks like nothing else on TV.

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