Top 10 Favorite Athletic Hotties

There's not enough sports movies made with girls. I mean really really hot girls. I'm not asking for somebody to make a worthwhile drama about Jello wrestling but.... wait, that's exactly what I'm asking. Imagine it - Biel vs. Alba after working their way through a 64 women elimination tournament. One is doing it for the fame, the other for enough money to get her cat a critical operation. Intense. I've left out any and all cheerleaders because a) I've already done that, and b) the whole thing would just be random extras from BRING IT ON.


I had a very unhealthy obsession with Kathy Ireland while growing up. I won't get into detail but let's just say there was more than one candle lit dinner involving me and my brother's S.I. Swimsuit Edition. Getting to watch her move about and actually speak in this film was like winning the lottery (even if she did sound like a munchkin). The first 15 times I watched it I passed out during the shower scene.


I always wonder how big Raquel Welch would have been had she been born 40 years later. She's easily one of the hottest women to ever walk the Earth but seemed to get lost in a time where media coverage was limited to movies, print, and Playboy pictures. In the very least we would have got to see her pooter as she got out of a car on TMZ.

3. The Volleyball Players - D.O.A: DEAD OR ALIVE

Sure, these ladies are some of the greatest fighters in the world, but according to movieland, they're also some of the best volleyball players in the world. It's a five minute scene that literally had me glued to the screen. And I was sweating.

4. Julie Lloyd - AMERICAN ANTHEM

It must have been sweet to be Wayne Gretzky in the 80's. "That chick in the gymnastics movie, she's hot, bring her to me." I was so in love with Janet Jones after seeing this movie it tricked me into thinking it was awesome. When I watched it years later I was pissed and took her picture out of my wallet.

5. Jizminder Featherfoot - THE COMEBACKS

Not only because she has the word "jiz" in her name, this fine piece of place kicker also has a fantastic little strip scene in this film and iconic cleavage throughout. Can't help but notice her whole character is a rip-off of another hottie down the page though.

6. Juliette Paxton - BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM

I wanted to include Carly Schroeder from GRACIE on this list but found out she was 17 when the film was made. I didn't want to come off as a perv so I stuck with Keira. Then I found out Keira was 17 when this was made and instantly stopped caring what you think of me.

7. Anne Marie Chadwick - BLUE CRUSH

I almost didn't include her because of the ridiculously bad CGI they used to put her face on whoever was actually surfing in this movie. I understand most women need a stunt double here and there when portraying a superior athlete but this was worse than most video games. Her ass won me over though.

8. Haley Graham - STICK IT

I have a thing for gymnasts. You'll know this before the end of the list. That said, I hated this movie and pretty much everything associated with it. If this was about any other sport I would have nothing to do with it. Fucking gymnasts and their crazy flip-a-roos.

9. Monica Wright - LOVE & BASKETBALL

It was hard to find a hottie to represent my favorite sport. It was either this chick or Whoopie Goldberg from EDDIE. Has there ever been a movie about the WNBA? Does the WNBA still exist?

10. Kate Veatch - DODGEBALL

I know it's not a real sport, but we all wish it was. Especially if there's women like Christine Taylor running around in dominatrix gear taking balls to the face. I used to rule at dodgeball. Almost got a scholarship. Almost.

Honorable Mention - Penelope - CLUB DREAD

She never really participates in any kind of sport during the movie (hence the HR) but Jordan Ladd more than shows us hers skills in the bedroom when she declares her gymnast background. These are what movie fantasies are all about, guys. Shit like this never really happens. Never.

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