Top 10 Marvel Crossovers We Want To See

FANTASTIC FOUR hits theaters today and represents the latest attempt by 20th Century Fox to launch a franchise with their lone none X-Men related Marvel rights. While the reviews aren't great, there has already been talk of a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover. So, here is our ranking of the ten Marvel crossovers we want to see. Some are already in the works but others are dreams that may go unfulfilled. If we missed one, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - X-Men and The Avengers

It has to happen. These are the biggest distinct Marvel entities and to not have them co-exist is just not right. We may never see Hugh Jackman share the screen with Robert Downey Jr, but I have a feeling he would come out of retirement if this were to happen.

#2 - Deadpool and X-Men

The debut of the first DEADPOOL trailers has cemented that we are finally going to see a fan favorite character get the proper treatment on the big screen. Now, if we can just get him into a movie with some other X-Men like Wolverine we will be happy. Maybe an X-Factor or X-Force movie could feature the Merc with the Mouth, but a crossover with these characters is a must!

#3 - Fantastic Four and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the poor reviews coming in for Josh Trank's take on Marvel's first family, it is only a matter of time before Marvel Studios gets involved. Whether it be a partnership like Sony has with Marvel or a full takeover the characters, bringing the Fantastic Four into the combined universe is the only move worth making next.

#4 - The Defenders and The Avengers

INFINITY WAR may see every facet of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, big screen and small, join to fight Thanos and it will be cool to see this street level team. Both have their strengths and weaknesses which should make for some spectacular popcorn entertainment.

#5 - Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers

Ever since James Gunn blew audiences away with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, we have been waiting to see the smartass showdown between Peter Quill and Tony Stark. I completely agree with keeping these two sides of the galaxy apart as long as possible but their face-off is inevitable. When it happens, I hope it lives up to the hype.

#6 - Spider-man and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

This will be arriving in less than a year and all signs are pointing to Marvel Studios finally giving us the Spider-man we have been waiting for. Whether Spider-man takes part in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is unknown but I would venture to guess it will happen.

#7 - Ghost Rider, Blade and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios regained the rights to these characters who have yet to be reintroduced into the mix but both have the potential to take either the big screen MCU or the small screen to the next level. Once DOCTOR STRANGE introduces the more mystical side of the Marvel Universe, it shouldn't be too hard to have a flaming skull and a vampire come next.

#8 - Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel

Since there is a connection between both Captain Marvel, the Guardians, the Kree, and the Nova Corps, this seems like a foregone conclusion to happen. I just really want to see Chris Pratt hitting on whoever plays Captain Marvel and initiating a love triangle with Gamora. This could be gold.

#9 - Daredevil and The Punisher

We already know this one is coming next year so it will just be a matter of time to see if Netflix can get Frank Castle as right as they did Matt Murdock. The casting of Jon Bernthal has instilled confidence in what is coming next year.

#10 - The Fantastic Four and Spider-man

In the comics, the Fantastic Four and Spider-man have a long history of crossing over with Spider-man even joining the team at various times. Sony was able to reach a deal with Marvel Studios for the character so maybe Sony can do the same thing. It would definitely inject something missing from the three films released to date.

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