Top 10 Villains We Want To See in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON opens today and brings with it one of the biggest villains in Marvel's library: Ultron. But, there are still countless classic bad guys that Marvel can bring into their Cinematic Universe that they have not even touched on yet. We know that Thanos looms big on the horizon, but here is our ranking of ten other great comic book foes that could be great additions to the MCU. If your favorite didn't make the list, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.

#1 - Red Hulk

So Marvel may not have the confidence to make a solo Hulk film, but they could easily make him the opponent for an Avengers films. The Hulkbuster fight in AGE OF ULTRON shows that the big guy can hold his own against Iron Man, so make him take the next evolution and be the focal villain for an entire movie!

#2 - Thunderbolts

A team of reformed supervillains acting as heroes would make for a cool movie, but first they need to be villains. Having the Thunderbolts debut as opponents to the Avengers first would set them up for their own solo movie and potential clashes down the line.

#3 - Enchantress

Loki may get his own movie some day and that means we will have to see Enchantress. But, there are not a lot of female villains in any superhero movies these days, so take this Asgardian temptress and make her a good teammate or foil for Loki and Thor.

#4 - Masters of Evil

Baron Zemo is set to appear in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR but he also is known in the comics for creating his own villain team, The Masters of Evil. I would love to see this squad go up against Captain America and Iron Man but I wouldn't have a problem seeing all of the Avengers take them on either.

#5 - The Sinister Six

While I could have said just Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus in the MCU would have been cool, why not give The Avengers an entire team to contend with? It always made me wonder how a lone superhero could face multiple foes in superhero movies and win, but AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON shows that more than one nemesis makes for a lot more variety in the battle sequences. Bringing Spider-man into the MCU means bringing his baggage, so lets see the Avengers help him out.

#6 - Kang The Conqueror

A time traveling nemesis to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Kang the Conqueror has had numerous run-ins with the Avengers. We have yet to see a time traveler in the MCU and Kang's connections to various historical events could give us a unique setting for our contemporary set superhero films. Anyone want to see Iron Man travel to Ancient Egypt?

#7 - Venom / Carnage

With Spider-man now a part of the MCU, there have to be plans for Venom and Carnage to run rampant through New York City. Spider-man has been able to fight both of them in the past, but seeing the symbiotes battle multiple superheroes would make for that much more of massive action sequence.

#8 - Super Skrull

While the Skrulls are more prominent in the Fantastic Four and X-Men comics, using a similar shape-shifting character who could inflitrate the Avengers would definitely make for a good movie. With how the MCU is developing, they could easily make this character a Super Chitauri instead.

#9 - The Hood

A more recent addition to Marvel, The Hood witnessed Daredevil and Electro fight as a child before growing up to become The Godfather of all supervillians. He could make a nice addition to a Netflix series or even go toe to toe with Spider-man or any of The Avengers thanks to his connection to the Infinity Stones.

#10 - Taskmaster

An anti-hero and foil for Deadpool, Taskmaster got his start as a nemesis to The Avengers. Originally a sleeper agent sent by Nick Fury into the criminal underworld, Taskmaster would be a cool contrast to The Winter Soldier and represent a human opponent instead of a massive supernatural or extraterrestrial villain.

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