Top 10 Mel Gibson Movies That Deserve Sequels or Remakes

Today sees the release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD with Tom Hardy taking over the iconic role played by Mel Gibson. Gibson's career has been iconic in it's own right with countless characters unable to be envisioned as anyone but Mel. Still, there are several films that could be remade with someone filling in for Gibson or a sequel either recast or with his involvement. Here are our top ten picks for those films worthy of updates. If your favorite didn't make the cut or you disagree with our choices, feel free to let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Sequel to LETHAL WEAPON

Even over-crammed and stuffed with unnecessary characters, the LETHAL WEAPON films are all equally watchable. It has been 17 years since the fourth film but I am convinced all of the cast and crew could reunite for a fifth film and it would still be amazing.


A classic romantic drama with noir elements, this Oscar winning film from Peter Weir is a classic but is a strong enough story to warrant a modern remake. Not all remakes are necessary, but this film feels very dated and could use a nice look from a new filmmaker.

#3 - Sequel to PAYBACK

One of my favorite Mel Gibson movies is based on a series of over twenty novels. With that much core material, you have an easy franchise. Maybe getting Gibson to take on the Kris Kristofferson role as the leader of The Outfit would allow for his involvement and make it a continuation of the same story with a new leading man.

#4 - Remake of MAVERICK

Remake the film with Mel Gibson in James Garner's film role as Marshal Zane Cooper. Pass the torch from another generation of Maverick to the next. How cool would that be. And, am I crazy, or was Jodie Foster smoking hot in this movie?

#5 - Sequel to AIR AMERICA

Take Gene and Billy and have them run a new scheme during the Gulf War. Who wouldn't want to see the return of these characters even in a fictional tale that continues the chemistry between these two real life friends? I would pay top dollar to see Gibson and RDJ reunite on screen, especially in this.

#6 - Remake of FOREVER YOUNG

Before he became a household name, J.J. Abrams was an up and coming screenwriter. One of his earliest projects was the romantic adventure movie FOREVER YOUNG. Two decades later, the movie still feels like something Steven Spielberg should have directed. Hey, why not have him direct the remake? I know it is somewhat similar to ALWAYS, but I love the time shift aspect of the movie.


Richard Donner reunited on this dark comedy thriller with his LETHAL WEAPON star alongside Julia Roberts. The results were one of the top grossing films of the year and a movie that could easily support a sequel all these years later. Whether it shows that Jerry is still paranoid or experiencing new issues, this could be the mental illness equivalent of the BOURNE films.

#8 - Remake of WHAT WOMEN WANT

I kind of like this movie even though it is very generic in every way. A remake would only work if Gibson were somehow involved. Maybe he passes the gift to his child or mentors a young protege who has it? Either way, I love Gibson's performance in the clip above and would like to see him do it again.

#9 - Sequel to RANSOM

Ron Howard hit paydirt with this reunion of Mel and Rene Russo that works better than most studio thrillers. The twisty plot keeps the roller coaster alive until the very end. While it doesn't need a sequel, I could see someone trying to kidnap Tom Mullen's grandson and giving us another chance to revisit this plot.

#10 - Remake of BIRD ON A WIRE

One of Mel's lesser remembered buddy movies was actually a pretty effective romantic action comedy with Goldie Hawn. There have not been too many action romcoms in recent years that had the level of chemistry these two had, but a remake of this film could work, especially if you had Mel come back in some capacity.

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