Top 10 Movie Bromances

This week marks the release of THE D TRAIN with Jack Black and James Marsden. The film tells the story of two former high school classmates who have a wild weekend full of debauchery and craziness that leads to a bromance. The term bromance has become popular in recent years but the history of male friendships on the big screen have existed for decades. Here is a ranking of our ten favorite bromances on the silver screen. If your favorite didn't make the cut, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.

#1 - Kirk and Spock

Like a scifi version of THE ODD COUPLE, Kirk and Spock have always been shown to be the free-thinking leader and his conscience. They balance and guide each other while also bringing out the best of one another. In the rebooted films, they start as foes but grow into the best of friends. There are few bromances that better demonstrate the ups and downs of true friendship through life, death, and rebirth. These are the ultimate bros.

#2 - Riggs and Murtaugh

The modern equivalent of Butch and Sundance, LETHAL WEAPON became the template for action buddy movies with the crazy Mel Gibson and the too old for this shit Danny Glover. Four movies doesn't feel like nearly enough as these partners and friends evolve over each movie into better and better buddies. There could be an argument for how much this movie influenced Michael Bay's BAD BOYS, but Riggs and Murtaugh will always be the best example of the genre.

#3 - Butch and Sundance

The term bromance is practically synonymous with Butch and Sundance. Robert Redford and Paul Newman changed the screen dynamic for friends, business partners, and outlaws in general. Their chemistry also was on display in THE STING, but there is no movie that symbolizes friendship as much as BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID.

#4 - Bill and Ted

Station! I was tempted to put Harry and Lloyd from DUMB AND DUMBER or Harold and Kumar from...HAROLD AND KUMAR, but I still feel the best pair of idiot pals is Bill S Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan. Wyld Stallyns!

#5 - Frodo and Sam

Whether it be the way they longingly look into each other's eyes or the fact they never abandon one another through their arduous trek to Mordor, Frodo and Sam are the ultimate bros. But, when a third wheel joins in the form of Gollum, their friendship is tested and pushed to the brink, but they still are there all the way to the edge of Mount Doom.

#6 - Buzz and Woody

Yeah, it may be a kids movie, but the bond forged between these two toys is as good as any live action movie. Born of fear, Woody and Buzz eventually become best friends and balance each other out in every aspect. Buzz may be the cooler space toy, but Sheriff Woody is the real star. But, TOY STORY would not have worked if it were not for these two complimentary characters and the great thanks to the work of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

#7 - Andy and Red

You don't have much choice but to have a bromance when in prison, but the relationship between Andy Dufresne and Red is a unique one. It starts out as a tale of two very different men but eventually becomes a story of mutual respect that ends with both finding their freedom in very different ways and spending the rest of their lives together.

#8 - Han and Chewie

When the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer was released and we saw these two best friends and co-pilots reunited, it was perfection. Even though no one else speaks Wookie on screen, knowing that Han and Chewie understand each other and are always there for one another makes this one of the best intergalactic bromances ever.

#9 - Jay and Silent Bob

Kevin Smith's movies would not be complete without the requisite inclusion of Jay and Silent Bob. While they may have jumped the shark with their solo film, these two stoners are the R2-D2 and C-3PO of Smith's films and always bring the most quotable lines in the View Askewniverse.

#10 - Shaun and Ed

Not even a zombie apocalypse can keep these best buds apart. Through thick and thin, Shaun and Ed have been friends and even when Shaun has to learn to be a grown-up to stay with Liz, Ed sacrifices himself to make sure his best friend can survive. Plus, now they can play video games until Ed rots.

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