Top 10 Movie Vampires of All Time

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 hits theaters today to the delight of kids everywhere and the chagrin of parents (and Adam Sandler haters). Still, the movie further waters down the legacy of the vampire character by making the bloodsuckers fun and marketable cartoons. Looking back at the long and storied film history of the vampire legend, we have compiled our favorite movie takes on the character. See if you agree with our ranking. If your favorite didn't make the cut, feel free to let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Dracula

Is there any doubt that Bram Stoker's original creation earns the top spot? From Bela Lugosi's legendary take to Christopher Lee, Frank Langella, Leslie Nielsen, and most recently Luke Evans, there are countless interpretations of the Count and all of them have further engrained the legacy of Vlad the Impaler into the pop culture zeitgeist. There may not be many ways to reinvent the Dracula story going forward, but a good take on the tale will always be welcomed to the big screen.

#2 - Blade

With hopes held high that he may reprise the role for a fourth time, Wesley Snipes' BLADE remains one of the best Marvel film creations and one of the coolest takes on the vampire mythos. Many people look down on the sequels to the first film, but Stephen Norrington's original is one of the best horror action movies of the last twenty years.

#3 - Severen (NEAR DARK)

I could have gone with Lance Henriksen or even Adrian Pasdar from Kathryn Bigelow's seminal horror western, but it is Bill Paxton as the batshit crazy Severen that is the most memorable and lasting character in NEAR DARK. From the quotable lines he spews to his decrepit and bloody body, Paxton knocks this role out of the park. It will haunt you after watching the movie.

#4 - Selene (UNDERWORLD)

Despite several lackluster sequels, Kate Beckinsale's trademark performance as the vampire huntress Selene is one of the coolest female heroes in movie history. Sure, she has a thing for werewolves, but don't hold that against her. Very few vampires can pull off leather bodysuits like this one.

#5 - Jerry Dandridge (FRIGHT NIGHT)

Forget the Colin Farrell take on the character. The 1985 version of FRIGHT NIGHT is the best and Chris Sarandon is the only Jerry Dandridge that matters. As the older, sexier guy in town, Dandridge can dance to the hits of the era while also sucking every ounce of blood from his victims.

#6 - Count Orlok (NOSFERATU)

The original and unofficial movie version of Dracula also is the single most disturbing make-up effects of any vampire put to film. The bald head, haunting eyes, and silent performance of Max Schrek has left a lasting and indelible mark on movie history.

#7 - David (THE LOST BOYS)

Joel Schumacher may be forever linked to Bat nipples, but back in the 1980s he gave us one of the most memorable teen horror movies ever made. Jason Patric became a heartthrob while Kiefer Sutherland continued to play bad boys like no one else could. Leather jackets, rock music, and fangs makes David and THE LOST BOYS one of the best movie vampires ever.


No one thought that Tom Cruise could pull of the ambisexual eternal creature known as Lestat de Lioncourt, but boy did he knock it out the of park. Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and a very young Kirsten Dunst all contribute to make INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE one of the best vampire movies that doesn't feature Dracula.

#9 - John Blaylock (THE HUNGER)

To many, David Bowie is a sexy motherf*cker. The guy has built a career out of knowing how to draw in the ladies and the guys. THE HUNGER, based on the Whitley Strieber novel, is one of the sexiest vampire movies ever and presents Bowie as a precursor to the type of bloodsuckers made famous by Anne Rice.


While the TV series of the same name gave us characters like Angel, Spike, and Drusilla, Joss Whedon's feature film gave us Rutger Hauer's evil vampire Lothos. Paul Reubens as his lackey was also pretty damn good, but something about Rutger Hauer with fangs is just cool.

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