Top 10 Movies To Inspire Your 2015 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is days away and you may still be looking for the perfect costume. While tons of kids are going to dress up as characters from THE FORCE AWAKENS months before it hits theaters, there have been countless movies and TV shows released this year that would make for some great costume fodder. Here is our ranking of ten great Halloween costume ideas you could use this year. Hey, you may even want to shoot us a pic for our annual JoBlo.com Halloween Costume contest. If you win, tell 'em where you got the idea!


The only film not from 2015 on this list, BACK TO THE FUTURE does have a reason for being number one. Ten days prior to Halloween, the big moment from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II happened for real (October 21, 2015), instantly making the classic Robert Zemeckis film relevant again. Dress as Marty McFly, Doc, Bif or any character from the film and you will have the most timely costume on this countdown.


For many, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was the best movie of 2015 (to date) and offers not one, not two, but four great costume ideas. Aside from Max himself, you could dress as Imperator Furiosa, Immortan Joe, or any number of the War Boys. I think Nux is the coolest of the costume idea from the movie and one of the easiest to put together. Bonus points if you shave your head and spray some silver mist on your way to Valhalla.


Alicia Vikander's Ava is one of the best special effects of the year, but you can replicate the look with a body suit. It may be easier said than done, but I would love to see some Ava costumes this year.


The lauded Johnny Depp gangster movie is going to be very buzz-worthy come awards season and you can ride the zeitgeist with a white v-neck shirt, leather jacket, RayBan sunglasses, and a shotgun. Bonus points if you put on a wig to complete the ensemble.


Two great costume ideas from the biggest movie of the summer. You could dress as Chris Pratt's raptor wrangler just by donning a vest and holding your hands out as the Alpha. But, I am looking forward to those, male or female, who dress up as Bryce Dallas Howard. Severe red wig? Check. High heels? Check. Man, that would be a great couple's costume.

#6 - True Detective

While many would like to forget the second season of the show, Colin Farrell's distinct outfit would make for a great Halloween costume. Just get a mustache, bolo tie, and a bottle in a paper bag and you could be the fallen hero. Plus, you could still dress up as Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson from season one and it would be relevant.


Matthew Vaughn's comic book adaptation was a sleeper hit this year and offers a ton of costume ideas. You could dress as Eggsy in his Brit gangsta clothes or you could let manners maketh the man and don a bespoke suit and glasses like Colin Firth. Both options would definitely look cool. For the ladies, Gazelle's outfits are cool ideas, too.

#8 - ANT-MAN

Sure, I could have made the Marvel costumes Vision, Ultron, Scarlet Witch, or Quicksilver, but the Ant-Man and Yellowjacket costumes are the coolest Marvel designs of the year. You could, if you wanted to get obscure, don a Baskin-Robbins uniform with a nametag that says Jack.

#9 - Daredevil

Netflix's hit Marvel series divided audiences when it came to the reveal of Matt Murdock's signature costume, but the basic black ninja outfit sported for the first 12 episodes would make for an easy and badass get-up on Halloween. Just get a black shirt and pants along with a bandana and you are all set. You could also put on a wrinkled suit, red sunglasses, and some bruises and be Matt Murdock.


Ridley Scott's biggest hit in years is also possibly the best movie set on Mars ever made. The realistic science fiction drama should excite an entire generation about space travel and boost sales for astronaut costumes. Just get one and put some red dirt on it and carry some potatoes and you are Mark Watney.

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