Top 10 Potential Titles for Star Wars: Episode IX

With the reveal of the subtitle for STAR WARS: EPISODE IX coming very soon, speculation is at an all-time high as to what it will be called. The closing chapter to the trilogy needs to have a title that brings this portion of the Skywalker saga to a close...or does it? The name could be open ended to allow the story to continue for future films or it could be a finite conclusion to the nine film adventure started by George Lucas over forty years ago. Here is a selection of titles that have been popping up across the Internet (as well as in our own fervent minds). Let us know what you think of these potential names for EPISODE IX and share your own in the comments below.


While many people don't have fond memories of the prequel trilogy, it did feature what is arguably the best piece of music since the iconic STAR WARS theme. With EPISODE IX drawing the Skywalker story to a close, this could be a nice callback to the first film while also referencing the impending showdown between Kylo Ren and Rey.


I am not sure how I feel about this title but it has been cropping up in a lot of rumors in recent weeks. It could be a reference to Kylo Ren or maybe some other character we have not yet met. In either case, it seems an odd choice as it doesn't really have the epic sweep of prior titles in the franchise. I don't dislike the title but it doesn't feel fitting to the concluding chapter of a trilogy.


Coming from a quote spoken by Luke Skywalker during his battle with Kylo Ren in THE LAST JEDI, this title fits beautifully with the resurgence theme that would fit with the closing act of Rian Johnson's film. The Resistance becoming the Rebellion once more would be a major step up in confronting the First Order and finally beating the remnants of the Empire.


Much like the previous title, this one keeps with the idea of rebirth. By focusing on the Empire, this title could allude to Kylo Ren bringing back the legacy of his grandfather or it could be a reminder of their downfall and therefore the downfall of the First Order. Plus, it sounds kind of badass.


Like SON OF DARKNESS, this title seems too standalone for the closing chapter of a trilogy. But, we have been teased with the Knights of Ren since THE FORCE AWAKENS and yet we know nothing about them. If J.J. Abrams chooses to put more focus on Ben Solo and his struggle between the Light and Dark Side of the Force, we may be in for a movie that weighs heavily on his name and history.


First, we thought Anakin Skywalker was going to be the savior and then we thought it would be Luke. Now, we are being led to believe it could be Rey but what if it really is Kylo Ren. THE LAST JEDI teased us with his turn back to good before he went fully to the Dark Side, but maybe being the Chosen One doesn't necessarily mean you are intended to be a hero. This is a nice title that is vague enough that it could mean anything while still having roots in Jedi mythology.


I like this one because it ties together the new and Original Trilogy. Taking part of A NEW HOPE and blending it with Poe Dameron's reference to the spark that will light the fire that will bring the First Order down could send this trilogy off on a high note. With The Resistance decimated at the end of THE LAST JEDI, we saw that spark in the closing moments of the film which could lead to EPISODE IX starting with that fire building towards the inevitable concluding fights of this galactic war.


Concise and to the point, this title puts some closure to the series and could represent both an end to this saga or just the end of the war between the First Order and the Resistance. Or, it could signal the end of the fighting between Jedi and Sith or any other number of conflagrations happening in this story. It may be too simple for such a massive film, but it doesn't mix messages or give too much away, either.


The Prequels ended with REVENGE OF THE SITH and the Original Trilogy ended with the RETURN OF THE JEDI. To bring things full circle. this entry could bring the downfall of the Dark Side and also bring the saga back to the beginning. With the Sith not as directly a plot point in the new trilogy, this may not work with J.J. Abrams' vision, but it would nicely follow THE LAST JEDI.


My favorite title on this list, BALANCE OF THE FORCE hits all the right notes for not just this trilogy but the entire STAR WARS canon. Since THE PHANTOM MENACE, the prophecy of the Chosen One has loomed over the Skywalker clan. THE LAST JEDI drove hom this balance between Light and Dark and the wars that have raged across all of the films in the franchise have come down to the clashing beliefs of the Jedi and the Sith. Whether it is Ben Solo, Rey, or someone else, bringing balance to the galaxy would be a perfect end to this part of the STAR WARS mythos and not close the door on future stories in any way. This is my ideal choice for EPISODE IX.

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