Top 10 Scariest Movies You Have Probably Never Seen

Halloween is finally here which means many of you are probably looking for a good scary movie to watch. You could go with a classic that everyone has heard about or roll the dice with some found footage flick on Netflix. But, if you are really curious, how about you choose from one of these ten less well known horror films that you have likely never seen before. Every one of them is going to give you the creeps and could become a new favorite. None are hard to find, so please let us know if we help you have a spooky holiday this weekend. If you also have a recommendation, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - SESSION 9

Brad Anderson, the director behind THE MACHINIST and TRANSSIBERIAN, has worked in horror both on the big screen and the small. But, none of his films echoes the psychological power of SESSION 9. Virtually nothing happens on screen to make you think there are ghosts or supernatural powers at play but you will still leave this movie feeling haunted and uneasy. It is a great movie that is criminally underseen and will definitely appeal to fans of any type of horror. This is a movie everyone should see.


I am a big proponent and fan of 1970s Italian horror films from directors like Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. These movies are unlike any other films from around the world and the stunningly violent effects are still impressive to this day. SUSPIRIA consistently ranks as one of the scariest movies of all time and yet I still meet tons of people who have never seen it. Do yourself a favor and check out the works of Dario Argento as soon as you can, but don't bother watching anything made after 1995. Trust me.


The original 1976 version of this movie is a cult classic in it's own right, but the 2014 remake is more of a sequel, but is also a remake. Well, it kind of treats the original movie as if it exists in the film and then takes the killer on a real life follow-up to the original killings. Never mind my explanation and watch this movie.


Some movies have earned the disclaimer of being hard to watch and INSIDE is definitely one of them. A pregnant woman alone is tormented by a woman who wants her unborn child. The cover art in some countries features a large pair of scissors and I will not say more than than. Disturbing and gory, this is also a phenomenal horror flick.


Those in the know recognize the name of director Ti West. Outside of the films V/H/S and ABCS OF DEATH, West has managed to deliver some of the most original and well made horror movies of the last decade. THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is a throwback to the exploitation horror films of the 1970s and brings cult favorites like Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov into a movie that echoes everything from ROSEMARY'S BABY to THE EXORCIST.


Bob Clark may be forever remembered for his movie A CHRISTMAS STORY, but the late filmmaker also made some truly memorable horror films. From BLACK CHRISTMAS to CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, Clark found a way to make some truly scary movies. DEATHDREAM is by far his least remembered movie but deserves to be watched for the way it blend zombie and vampire lore into one terrifying movie.


Produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by J.A. Bayona, THE ORPHANAGE is like PAN'S LABYRINTH crossed with THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE with a little CRIMSON PEAK thrown in for good measure. A slow burn of a film, THE ORPHANAGE has some truly unsettling imagery that will creep you out long after the credits roll. Watch out for Tomas!


Those wacky Canadians sure do love their horror! A lot of the best genre work comes out of the Great White North including this 2008 movie. Starring Stephen McHattie as a DJ, PONTYPOOL follows a plague as it sweeps through the country and is transmitted by the English language. Sounds nuts and it is, but the movie sticks primarily to a radio station as the world succumbs to the auditory plague. A unique movie and definitely one worth checking out.


Ben Wheatley is slowly making a name for himself in the States, but in England he is known for his varied output which includes this amazing film. KILL LIST plays like a cross between THE WICKER MAN and IN BRUGES. If movies about cults mess with you, this movie will rocket to the top of your list. Scary as hell and will stick with you for a long time.


Director Christophe Gans fully delivered on the creepy factor with this adaptation of the Playstation video game. Replete with Pyramid head, faceless nurses, and a bunch of disturbing visuals, SILENT HILL is one of the best video game adaptations that doesn't get the respect it deserves. The sequel was pretty awful, but I promise you will want to sleep with the light on after watching this flick.

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