Top 10 SNL Alumni

My God, watching an episode of Saturday Night Live nowadays is about as entertaining as throwing your favourite pet in the microwave and seeing them melt. What the hell happened? Is this some weird collage basketball travesty where all the best comedians think they're ready for the big show so they skip the middle man and jump right into their own sitcom and/or movie straight out of high school? If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler leave this show and Lorne Michaels keeps promoting talent like Horatio Sanz, we could see the end of a great tradition sooner than we think. It hasn't always been this way though. Some of the funniest people in the world have collected their late night diploma via SNL and moved on to rule the box office. If you're a Jimmy Fallon fan you might as well stop reading this right now. Live from JoBlo.com, it's Saturday Night!

1. Bill Murray (1977-1980)

Nobody's career on this list is as well rounded as Bill's. The comedy came naturally, the drama comes with praise. He made the transition from slapstick to sarcastic in the blink of an eye and it's made his career last with very few speed bumps along the way. Disagree if you want but I challenge you to take a look at the list of good times below and not shake your head in amazement. Good Times: MEATBALLS, CADDYSHACK, STRIPES, TOOTSIE, GHOST BUSTERS, SCROOGED, WHAT ABOUT BOB?, GROUNDHOG DAY, ED WOOD, KINGPIN, RUSHMORE, LOST IN TRANSLATION. Bad Times: I haven't seen GARFIELD but, what the hell... GARFIELD.

2. Eddie Murphy (1980-1984)

You might only be familiar with the modern family-friendly version of Eddie, if so, that's too bad. Do yourself a favour and go find his stand up act called "Delirious". Murphy absolutely owned the Eighties. Nobody even came close to his grasp on Hollywood at the time. Fans of the time are still waiting for that one last push to the edge of comedy that he delivered without breaking a sweat during his prime. However, if all it's come down to is being the voice of a donkey and fat suits, so be it. There's enough memories there for a lifetime. Good Times: BEVERLY HILLS COP, 48 HOURS. Bad Times: SHOWTIME, THE HAUNTED MANSION.

3. Conan O'Brien (1987-1991)

With the least amount of screen time of any of the entries, Conan focussed more on the writing aspect of the show - a gig that led to the glory years of THE SIMPSONS and eventually his own talk show. He might not have the Hollywood career most of these guys had but he just might be the most powerful man on the list. Late Night never disappoints when it comes to entertainment, a fact that rests on the big redhead's shoulders both on and off the camera. Good Times: Everything he touches. Bad Times: You tell me.

4. John Belushi (1975-1979)

You might think this is unjustified being that JB didn't even star in ten films. In response I'd say - blow it out your ass. As famous today as he ever was, Belushi set his own rules when it came to comedy. One flick of his eyebrow produced more laughs than people like Rob Schneider had their whole prime time career. It's hard to imagine how huge he would have been considering the lead role in GHOSTBUSTERS was written for him. In a way only he knew how, his career went out with a bang instead of fading away into mediocrity like most mega-stars. Still, we were robbed a legend. Good Times: ANIMAL HOUSE, BLUES BROTHERS. Bad Times: The cocaine and heroine.

5. Will Ferrell (1995-2002)

If you were to tell me Will Ferrell is the funniest man alive, I wouldn't argue. The man is flat out hysterical. His cameos are the stuff legends are made of, his impersonations are perfect, and let's face it, he just looks funny. He's like the Tim Duncan of SNL - stayed long enough to satisfy the fans, took the big leagues by storm, and he's tall. Everybody needs more cowbell. Good Times: OLD SCHOOL, ANCHORMAN. Bad Times: BEWITCHED.

6. Adam Sandler (1991-1995)

It was hard to not put this guy in the top five. He's been behind some of the funniest moments in film this past decade and just seems to be getting more powerful as the years go by. His first comedy album, "They're all Gonna Laugh at You", is one of the greatest things I've ever heard and still makes me laugh just as hard all these years later. He's one of those guys you just never want to see grow up because at some point you know maturity is going to set in. Until it does, I'll be along for the childish ride. Good Times: HAPPY GILMORE, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. Bad Times: LITTLE NICKY.

7. Chevy Chase (1975-1976)

It's easy to forget about Chevy nowadays, but the man was a genius when it came to comedic timing. He was the show's first breakout star but many say he probably left a little too early for his own good. Other than the cast members that have died, Chevy's star burnt out faster than anyone else's that left the show for personal greatness. Even the biggest doubters couldn't predict the talk show debacle and a string of movies so bad in the early nineties he still hasn't recovered a career. Still though.... CADDYSHACK man, CADDYSHACK! Good Times: uh, CADDYSHACK, FLETCH. Bad Times: Basically everything after CHRISTMAS VACATION.

8. Mike Myers (1989-1995)

Another Ontario product with enough comedic ability to even make Maple Leaf fans smile once in a while. Who knew we were so funny? At his best, nobody could touch Myers. The AUSTIN POWERS films became ridiculous in their popularity across the world and when he was done counting his money from that franchise, the voice of SHREK falls into his lap. Mikey can just play those two characters for the rest of his life and nobody would complain. Good Times: SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER, WAYNE'S WORLD. Bad Times: THE CAT IN THE HAT.

9. Dan Aykroyd (1975-1979)

One of only two on this list to receive a Oscar nomination (Best Supporting Actor for Driving Miss Daisy) has sort of faded away from the type of roles that made him famous, but Dan still seems as cool as ever. Who else in the world can say they partied with John Belushi and banged Princess Leia, (he was engaged to Carrie Fisher) possibly at the same time? The guy is flat out one of the greatest talents Canada has ever produced. Good Times: GHOSTBUSTERS, THE BLUES BROTHERS, TRADING PLACES. Bad Times: BLUES BROTHERS 2000, CADDYSHACK II.

10. Chris Rock (1990-1993)

He's not an incredibly gifted actor but Rock really knows how to bring it if you stand him up in front of an audience. His HBO comedy specials are some of the best ever produced and his hosting duties on MTV award shows and The Academy Awards prove he's not afraid to talk shit about anything and everyone. Chris has had nothing but success on television from SNL to the HBO specials to The Chris Rock Show to the current Everybody Hates Chris. Good Times: CB4, DOGMA. Bad Times: LETHAL WEAPON 4.

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