Top 10 Spider-man Costumes We Want To See On The Big Screen

We have yet to see what the new version of Spider-man will look like in his debut in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR but rumors have been swirling that it will be unlike the traditional costume we have seen in the last two franchises. Still, if Marvel Studios and Sony can get it right, there is a chance we could see many variations on the design in films to come. In the long history of the character in the pages of Marvel Comics, Spider-man has donned numerous unique versions of his uniform that we would love to see on the big screen. Here is our ranking of the ten versions of Spider-man's iconic duds we would love to see realized in live action. If you disagree or think we missed a costume, feel free to let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Non-Symbiote Black Suit

We saw Tobey Maguire don a black Spider-man suit in Sam Raimi's third entry in the SPIDER-MAN trilogy but that didn't outright address the fact that in the comic book, Peter Parker wore a cloth suit that was black outside of being controlled by the alien goo. There is still a desire from fans to see Venom handled correctly on the big screen and that should come along with an era where Spider-man wears the all black suit. It just looks so damn cool.

#2 - Iron Spider

In the Marvel Comics version of Civil War, Peter Parker's alliance with Tony Stark resulted in the design of this mash-up of the classic Spider-man suit with a more Iron Man feel to it. There are rumblings that Stark will design the Spider-man suit seen in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, but it likely will not look like this red and gold outfit. But, there could always be the chance that in later MCU films that Peter may need a higher tech suit from Stark. I hope we get to see this be the result of that.

#3 - Stealth Suit

Designed to combat the Hobgoblin, the stealth suit has the ability to change color. Yeah, it may seem a little gimicky, but it is a creative way to allow a shift from the classic color scheme to the black costumes and even to something resembling the Scarlet Spider design. Overall, I like the pulsating feel this costume brings and the blend between technology that Peter Parker is capable of creating and the higher end designs that would need to come from someone with more financial resources.

#4 - Ultimate Spider-man

Miles Morales has long been a divisive character for Marvel fans. Many purists are unwilling to accept anyone but Peter Parker as Spider-man while others like the younger, more diverse alter ego that Morales brings to the mix. Whatever your preference, the black and red costume that Morales wears in his series run is a nice blend of the old and the new.

#5 - Spider-man 2099

When the 2099 universe was first introduced, Miguel O'Hara represented the first minority Spider-man and the biggest future jump for the character. Much like DC's Batman Beyond, the 2099 Spider-man has a very different design and fundamentally different powers. The skull-like costume and web-like cape give the character a more monstrous appearance while also providing an edge missing from the mainstream Spider-man. This design could work if Sony wanted to pursue a 2099 franchise or even if they were to adapt the costume for the main series of films.

#6 - Superior Spider-man

Many not up to date with their Spider-man comics may be unaware that Peter Parker and Otto Octavius swapped consciousnesses resulting in the multi-armed villain becoming the new anti-hero version of Spider-man. Coupled with his new nature, the renamed Superior Spider-man comes with a suit that is a blend between the classic comic suit anf the recent Andrew Garfield film version. Modern and yet traditional, this is a cool suit.

#7 - Fear Itself

During the Fear Itself crossover event in 2011, Tony Stark brought back Udu to coat various heroes costumes with, giving them an advantage in battle. While the suit was destroyed, the blue and neon suit was pretty slick in design with a pair of blade gauntlets on the arms to help in battle.

#8 - Noir Suit

While coming from an alternate timeline where Peter Parker exists in 1933 and gains similar powers (minus the ability to crawl walls), the Noir costume seems similar to what we have been hearing about for the CIVIL WAR design down to the goggles and homemade mask, but the all black adds a dimension of cool to the outfit we otherwise have not seen. The use of guns sets this Spider-man apart from the traditional design but still would make one hell of a cool cinematic incarnation.

#9 - Future Foundation

After the untimely death of The Human Torch, Spider-man joined up with the Fantastic Four to form the Future Foundation. With Fox trying desperately to resurrect their non-X-Men franchise, one way that could work would be to partner the first family of Marvel with Sony's wallcrawler. His white costume is very different than anything sported before and could look really cool if executed properly on the big screen.

#10 - Scarlet Spider

One of the most despised chapters in Marvel Comics history, the Clone Saga found readers learning that Peter Parker was actually a clone of himself. Changing his name to Ben Reilly, this clone fashioned a new costume for himself featuring an all red outfit with a blue shirt on top. Fans didn't like the new direction of having a non-Parker Spider-man, but the costume is still pretty cool and would definitely work as an alternative to the traditional spandex duds we are accustomed to.

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