Top 10 Spider-man Spin-offs We Want To See

With VENOM ushering in Sony's new Spider-man universe, there are going to be a lot more spin-offs on the horizon that will not feature Peter Parker himself. There is always the chance for crossovers in the future, but Spider-man has a rich gallery of characters that would make great lead characters. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten Spider-man spin-offs we want to see. Some are already in development while others should be next on Sony's list. If you disagree with our picks or think we missed one, let us know in the comments below.

Spider-man 2099

While Noir may have been Peter Parker, the 2099 version of Spider-man is a different man entirely. A scientist named Miguel O'Hara is mutated by his own experiment which grants him altered physical abilities. Donning a new version of the costume, this Spider-man is a wholly unique character in a very different landscape. This movie could easily become Sony's breakout franchise since it would not have to connect with the MCU at all and could reimagine any character for the new time period. Spider-man 2099 could be an amazing movie.

Spider-man Noir

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE will introduce a bunch of alternate universe versions of Spider-man, led by Miles Morales. But, any of those various iterations could easily headline their own spin-off. My favorite version is Spider-man Noir. Set during the Great Depression, the character of Peter Parker is now bitten by an enchanted spider and battles the crime lord known as Goblin. It is a fun retro take that could open all sorts of creative doors that no other superhero film has yet tackled.

The Clone Saga

I know, I know. The character of Ben Reilly is often cited as being one of the most hated in all of Marvel Comics. The entire arc of The Clone Saga is a mark on the history of Spider-man. But, if anyone could get it right, it would be Kevin Feige. Introducing Ben Reilly as a character in an upcoming sequel to SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING could spin-off into his own film. I am not sure if Tom Holland is willing to headline two franchises, but there are ways where the character could be physically changed to look older. Maybe they could bring back Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire to play the older Ben Reilly?


Both Spider-girl and Spider-woman have long histories in Marvel Comics, none of which have truly lived up to the potential of the character. Spider-woman is Jessica Drew, a HYDRA agent who becomes a hero. Spider-girl is May Parker, the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane in an alternate timeline. There are other versions, but this could easily be a character whom Sony develops a fully distinct origin story and makes a movie that could rival SPIDER-MAN.

Maximum Carnage

Rumors have Carnage potentially making an appearance in VENOM which hopefully means we will someday get to see a proper movie version of Maximum Carnage. The red symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady and became a foe to both Spider-man and Carnage. I would love for Sony to have the balls to make this movie the team-up of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, but it could also work as a sequel to VENOM as well.

Agent Venom

With the introduction of symbiotes in VENOM, now there can easily be spin-offs featuring other characters consumed by the black liquid. My favorite variation of the character is the mercenary Agent Venom who is actually Flash Thompson. Learning to control the symbiote, Flash becomes a soldier for hire who eventually teams with many well known Marvel heroes and even becomes a member of the Secret Avengers. It could bode for a cool team cross-over with the MCU or serve as another gritty action flick that can push the ratings boundaries that most Marvel Studios films cannot.

Morbius The Living Vampire

With Jared Leto attached to play Dr. Michael Morbius, I would expect his origin story to play out like a contemporary version of Dracula. There are a lot of ways to play the character that could connect it more to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-man himself, but it could just as easily connect to Blade or remain a standalone franchise about a blood-sucking monster with ambiguous motivations.

Silver Sable and Black Cat

Another project already developing at Sony (UPDATE: It was just made known that instead of a team-up, each character will get their own film), Silver and Black is the pairing of villains you never knew you wanted. Seriously, that is said without any sarcasm. Silver Sable and Black Cat are not exactly top tier characters, but Sony has an opportunity to turn this into a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY type of imagining. A martial artist and a cat burglar, this pair of characters could make a bunch of films and never run into Spider-man and it would still work. But, adding them in as potential love interests for Peter Parker could only make for even better viewing.

Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff is best known for his iconic hunt of Spider-man. But, since his first appearance tracking Peter Parker, Kraven has been reimagined as an anti-hero. In one storyline, Kraven joined an early version of the Avengers. Bringing Kraven to life is already on the horizon for Sony, but putting him into his own origin story before having him face off with Spider-man could launch a very intriguing franchise.


Already announced by Sony, Silk follows Cindy Moon who is bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker and gains similar powers. Cindy, unlike Peter, has organic webbing that shoots from her wrists as well as an eidetic memory. Cindy Moon was already introduced in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING as a member of Peter's Academic Decathlon team although I would assume Sony would want to recast the role. Either way, having a female led superhero movie featuring a Korean-American protagonist would play well globally as well as offer a powered ally for Peter Parker in potential future crossovers.

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