Top 10 Big Screen Superhero v. Superhero Fights We Want To See

With Batman battling Superman for the first time on the big screen and Captain America facing off with Iron Man in just a few months, we got to wondering about all of the potential fights between superheroes that would make for awesome blockbuster entertainment. Forgetting the Marvel vs DC divide (and even the Disney/20th Century Fox split), here is our ranking of the ten comic book hero fights we want to see on the big screen. As always, if you think we are wrong or missed one, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Batman v. Captain America

Both are mortal men who have chosen very different paths in life. Both wear masks to conceal their identities while defending those who cannot defend themselves. While Batman lurks in the shadows and uses his intellect to defeat criminals, Captain America does so in the light of day and without hesitation for what is right. Both men share ideals that don't always exist on the same level which could lead to serious disagreements, but it would also make for one hell of an epic rumble.

#2 - Thor v. Wonder Woman

Two gods from very different realms battling may sound boring, but when one is a woman then the stakes get raised a bit. Most of us were taught from a young age not to hit girls, but when that girl can hold her own with Superman, you better believe she is going to get hit back. Thor and Wonder Woman both transcend the normal characteristics of superheroes because their power is beyond just a specific talent or gift. They are essentially immortal and that is no fun to watch unless you give them a worthy opponent.

#3 - Superman v. Shazam

This is one of the few on this list that may actually happen someday. With Dwayne Johnson playing Black Adam in the announced SHAZAM movie, that leaves potential casting for the character formerly known as Captain Marvel. The very similar Superman and Shazam have battled in the comics and it is likely only a matter of time before they do so on the big screen. Technically, this would be a grown man beating on a little kid, but it is still a cool fight to see.

#4 - Hawkeye v. Green Arrow

Bows and arrows hardly seem like the tools of a decent superhero, but both the Marvel and DC archers have proven themselves to be very talented over the years. Between Stephen Amell on The CW's Arrow and Jeremy Renner in the MCU, both archers seem a bit out of place compared to their enhanced colleagues, but if you put the two on the same battlefield, I am sure their training would result in an intense and badass face-off.

#5 - Batman v. Punisher

Two of the darkest heroes with mean streaks of vigilantism, Batman and The Punisher have very similar codes of conduct and ethics. While the comic book version of Batman does not kill, The Punisher does so without restraint. The two have come to blows on the page before but with the latest incarnation of Frank Castle having a similar battle with Daredevil on the small screen, we may never see these two tango on the big one. But, it would be one hell of a firefight if it did happen.

#6 - Hulk v. Spider-man

Hulk battling Spider-man has long been a staple of the animated world of Marvel. From video games to television series, the coupling of the quick-witted and fast moving Peter Parker with the lumbering and dull-witted alter ego of Bruce Banner has long been a fun and enjoyable odd couple. A recent television commercial replaced Spider-man with Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and the effect was very similar. Now that Spidey is in the MCU, maybe the original green and red duo can slug it out on screen.

#7 - Iron Man v. Cyborg

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Two characters who rely on mechanical enhancements to battle should make for a cool showdown. But, where Tony Stark can remove his armor, Victor Stone is permanently meshed to his enhancements which gives him a slight edge over Stark. But, since both heroes use technology to their advantage and use energy-based weapons, this could be a pretty balanced battle. I would give Stark the advantage in regards to trash talk, but beyond that it could be either hero's game.

#8 - Thor v. Silver Surfer

One is an intergalactic being from a realm different than our own who has omnipotent powers and abilities beyong those of man. The other....okay, well they both have the same powers. The biggest difference between Thor and Silver Surfer is one has a hammer and the other has a surfboard. Pitting these two against each other may not yield the best one-liners, but I would love to see them draw infinite strength against one another.

#9 - Deadpool v. Wolverine

Forgetting that ORIGINS fight, the two regenerating characters would make for an epic fight scene. Even though Hugh Jackman says he is done after his next film as Logan, I could imagine him doing one more where he and Deadpool have to go toe to toe and fight through the entire film until one of them is no more. That would be pretty damn cool to see and would afford Jackman and Ryan Reynolds some good on screen bantering.

#10 - Spider-man v. Superman

While the idea of Superman being taken down by Spider-man may seem a bit ridiculous, pitting arguably the most popular characters from Marvel and DC against each other would yield at least an entertaining battle. While Batman has to rely on his gadget to battle the Son of Krypton, Spider-man at least has the enhanced powers that would make the fight somewhat more balanced.

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