Top 10 Undead Movie Characters of All Time

THE LAZARUS EFFECT brings us a new take on the life after death film with Olivia Wilde playing one of the hottest undead characters in a long time. So, it got me wondering about which are the most lasting undead characters in movie history. Not just zombies, mind you, but undead. So, here is a ranking of the ten best undead characters of all time. See if your favorite made the cut and, if not, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.

#1 - Dr. Hill (RE-ANIMATOR)

Another fan favorite cult classic from the 1980s, RE-ANIMATOR is a great adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft that also features one of horror's most lasting villains. Dr. Hill loses his head but that doesn't stop him from getting vengeance...or pleasing the ladies.

#2 - Evil Ash (ARMY OF DARKNESS)

Who could go toe to toe with Bruce Campbell? How about Bruce Campbell! The fan favorite actor played both Ash and his evil Deadite twin in Sam Raimi's third entry in the EVIL DEAD trilogy and became an instant classic. Forget the fact that he seems to decompose very quickly, the Evil Ash has one-liners almost as good as his living version but with ten times the rigor mortis.

#3 - Bub (DAY OF THE DEAD)

The concluding chapter to George Romero's zombie trilogy introduced the possibility of a domesticated zombie in the form of Bub. While those who doubt his humanity can be restored, it is pretty cool seeing them train him. Unlike any zombie film before it, DAY OF THE DEAD is an underseen entry in the genre.

#4 - Detective Roger Mortis (DEAD HEAT)

The names Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams don't typically make movie fans excited for the finished product, but DEAD HEAT is the rare zombie buddy cop movie that must be seen. Mostly, this is a comedy, but it definitely sets up the intriguing plot element that one cop is on the edge and the other is back from the dead. I would be willing to bet there are no other movies quite like this one.


An all-time favorite, SHAUN OF THE DEAD has a lot of memorable zombie characters, but the closing scene of Shaun with the zombie version of Ed shows that friendship transcends life and death. I almost want to see the further adventures of these two knuckleheads and what they get into after the credits roll.

#6 - Madeline Ashton (DEATH BECOMES HER)

Robert Zemeckis has always made movies with cutting edge special effects and DEATH BECOMES HER is no exception. Part horror movie and all comedy, the movie features Meryl Streep in one of her best comedic roles. She and Goldie Hawn are virtually immortal which leads to all sort of hijinks.


Often overlooked in the franchise, the third RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD film is actually pretty good. Melinda Clarke plays what could be the sexiest zombie of all time in Brian Yuzna's romantic take on the undead genre.

#8 - Judge Hopkins (PARANORMAN)

One of the best animated films in recent years, PARANORMAN is full of ghosts, witches, and zombies. The undead here are ghoulish but family friendly, still embodying a great visual horror while still being fun to watch. They don't have many lines of dialogue but they work perfectly in this tale of anti-bullying and acceptance of differences.

#9 - Fido (FIDO)

Set in an alternate 1950s where zombies have become domesticated housepets/servants, the titular Fido (played by Billy Connolly) is at the center of a PLEASANTVILLE like world that has survived the zombie apocalypse. Connolly does a great job in what could have been a throwaway comedy that ends up being pretty good.

#10 - Mabel Chilton (ED AND HIS DEAD MOTHER)

This underseen cult classic features a young Steve Buscemi in a starring role as a nerdy son of an overbearing mother whom he brings back from the dead. All hell breaks lose and comic madness ensues. Not a good movie by any stretch, but Miriam Margoyles is great as a campy zombie mama.

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