Top 10 Ways To Continue the Fast and Furious Franchise

FURIOUS 7 is poised to be the biggest box office hit in the history of the Universal franchise. With Paul Walker's tragic death, the question has been if the series can continue past this seventh entry. The answer is clearly yes but that also begs the question of how? Here are ten ideas that Universal can take to make multiple new chapters of the car racing/heist franchise. Some are a bit outside of the box while others seem pretty obvious, but all would take the series to new heights. If you have an idea on how to extend the FAST AND FURIOUS series, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.


Two generations clash in a movie where the mercenary crew needs to enlist the young, brash car experts to save the day. Can't you see it? Both series would win points and refresh themselves for future crossovers and solo outings. It could be spectacular!


We have all been waiting for a movie version of the popular video game series, so why not take the style and format of the game and make it the next film in the FAST AND FURIOUS series. It could be seamless and introduce a cinematic universe for any number of spin-offs based on the games.

#3 - The Next Generation

NEED FOR SPEED was abysmal, but Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper would fit right in if it were a FAST AND FURIOUS movie. Let the cast go aside from Vin Diesel and have him shepherd a new crew of younger actors. Diesel could be the Nick Fury mentor character who gets phased out rather than dropped entirely like they did in 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and TOKYO DRIFT.


Throw caution to the wind and reboot the exact same story as we have seen in any of the FAST AND FURIOUS films but set it in the future. Part AKIRA and part SPEED RACER, a future set race/heist flick with the same main cast could be really awesome. See if the Wachowskis are interested!

#5 - Real Time

Combine elements of SPEED and give the crew the challenge of having to survive with the film lasting the duration in real time. Ninety minutes, two hours, whatever it takes it could be one adrenaline rush to see the clock tick down and the team racing to survive.

#6 - Female Spin-off

Don't groan at this idea. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS has always had a great female cast who can easily hold their own with the boys. So, take Michelle Rodriguez, Ronda Rousey, and Jordana Brewster and give them their own solo outing. It would be sexy and pretty damn entertaining.

#7 - FURIOUS 007

The last few entries in the franchise have incorporated more elements of espionage to the story, so why not build on that for an impossible mission taskforce where Toretto and his crew become a black ops team sent around the globe to stop bad guys. Incorporating more gadgets and intrigue to the series could refresh it for seven more chapters.

#8 - Double Dose

Most people are not fans of the split movie (TWILIGHT, THE HUNGER GAMES, etc), but if you can properly execute a massive cliffhanger in the middle of a FAST AND FURIOUS movie that would hold audiences for an entire year, that would make for one hell of an experience when you sit down at the theater for the payoff.


When it comes to crossover potential, bringing the scifi madness of TRANSFORMERS to the car heist mayhem of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS may seem a bit out there, but the commonality of cars in both series could make for one insane mash-up.

#10 - Bring in New Directors

Over seven films, the franchise has been helmed by Rob Cohen, John Singleton, Justin Lin, and now James Wan. Despite the success Lin brought to the series and Universal's plan to potentially bring him back for the next films in the series, that would be the wrong move. Like Harry Potter, Mission: Impossible or James Bond, bringing in fresh filmmakers to stir up the series is what keeps it fresh and brings new visual trickery to each successive film.

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