Top 15 Favorite Movie Moments of the Decade

This might go down as the hardest list I've ever had to assemble. Every time I thought it was complete, I'd remember another moment that couldn't be left off. Even now, as I finally start to write, my brain is working overtime, trying to make sure I haven't forgot that one scene that is going to slap me in the face next week when I think of it. Whatever, let's roll. Have a great new year, schmoes.

1. Tiny Dancer - ALMOST FAMOUS (2000)

Throughout this list I've been brought to tears from laughter, scared out of my briefs, and had my adrenaline pumped up to lethal levels, but none of them ever connected with me emotionally like this scene did. It caught me at a point in my life where I needed to grow the fuck up and become a man. There's plenty more flash out there in Hollywood and maybe the sappy coming of age message isn't your cup of tea but few scenes have ever made me feel as good as this one did. And I'll never forget it.


I'd never read a single Tolkien sentence before seeing this film. I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between a dwarf, a hobbit, or an orc if you paid me. By the time we got to the bridge scene and I realized how much of a pimp Gandalf is, basically telling Balrog to go fuck himself, I was completely sold.

3. Here Comes the Hammer - OLDBOY (2003)

Speaking of character arcs, it's hard to believe this is the same dude who started the film off by being a drunken mess. It's a weird little scene when you look at the overall theme of the film but stands out to me mainly because of it's badassery and Bruce Lee feel.

4. The Real Ending - THE DESCENT (2005)

This scene had everything to do with me picking this as the best horror film of the decade. The reverse happy ending rattled me to the point of disbelief. Could they really fuck with the audience that much? Do I actually care about this character due to prime story development and a solid arc? Is Juno a bitch? Yes, yes, and yes.

5. A Magic Trick - THE DARK KNIGHT (2008)

It took me a while to truly appreciate the genius of Heath Ledger in this film. After all the hype passed and the aftermath of the tragic loss died down I was finally able to watch his performance for what it was. And it was perfect.

6. Fuck You - THE 25TH HOUR (2002)

Never has a scene hit the mark with me more than this little rant. If I would have walked in on this I would have just sat back and watched. And as awkward as it would have been I would have been forced to give him a hug afterward.


I've never been more in awe of a setting and so creeped out by it's inhabitant at the same time. How hungry do you have to be to eat this fucker's food and wake him up? One of the most intense scenes I've ever squirmed through.

8. Let's Dance - CLERKS II (2006) & (500) DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)

I'm a sucker from random musical dance scenes mixed in out of nowhere. I can't explain it, nor do I wish to. I truley believe CLERKS II became a better movie after it`s boogie moment and (500) DAYS featured the Han Solo bit, which made me laugh for hours.

9. Oblivious Apocalypse - SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004)

The subtle changes from this scene and the scene just like it earlier in the film are something special. It also kicks off an incredible series of scenes (the drunk in the backyard, the records, the living room) that push this film to the very top of my Greatest Films of the Decade list.

10. Fore - AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000)

As well as being a thouroughly entertaining kill scene, this was also a fine study into the importance of 80s music for a newer generation. You laugh, you cringe, you learn.

10.5. The Bride vs. Elle Driver - KILL BILL: VOL. 2 (2004)

You know what that .5 means up there? It means I just remembered this scene. Lots of people will hail the House of Blue Leaves fight from Vol. 1 but where that fight dragged a bit long for me, this fight was straight-up hardcore from beginning to end.

11. Meet Wolverine - X2 (2003)

Skeptical is an understatement when it came to my expectations of a X-MEN movie. Obviously, Wolverine was the hit or miss focus point for the entire franchise and probably the most important comic book casting in the history of film. A blown-out afro, lit cigar, and the first real life "SNIKT!" I've ever heard and I was sold.

12. Victor Crowley - Hatchet (2006)

It's hard to impress me with inventive kills anymore in today's day and age of horror. Victor Crowley told me to shove it up my ass as he ripped this old lady's face in half. If I was in a theater when I first saw this, I just might of stood up and clapped. And then got beat up for doing so.


There was a second or two after getting through this chase scene where I had to sit back, catch my breath, and ask myself - is this already the greatest James Bond film ever made? It was. It still is.

14. Super Fast - THE INCREDIBLES (2004)

There's something about this moment that kicked in the goosebumps for me and released my inner child. When Dash realizes he can run on water, let's out a little giggle, and blows past the enemy crafts I can't help but let out a smile and remember what it was like to be a kid.

15. You Know How I Know You're Gay? - THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (2005)

If this scene was the entire film, an hour and a half of Rogen and Rudd going off script and pelting each other with gay jokes, I'd have a hard time not watching it. Every day.

Honorable Mention: A Dickhouse Production - JACKASS: THE MOVIE (2002)

The opening credits for this film got me oddly pumped for film featuring a bunch of assholes being assholes. It was the first time we got to see all of them together in one place, the random punching made me giggle way too much, and the projectile concrete slabs were a fantastic touch.

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