Little people rob from the ages once again in a remake of Time Bandits

Terry Gilliam's adventure oddity TIME BANDITS is beloved and brilliant for so many reasons. Sean Connery fighting a minotaur. David Warner as the embodiment of Evil. Ian Holm as a puppet-loving French military mastermind. John Cleese stealing from the rich. An infamous sinking vessel. Exploding parents. And small thieves infatuated with finding "The Most Fabulous Object in the World".

But that was way back in 1981, so it's time to remake that sucker!

According to Variety, former Handmade Films execs Guy Collins and Michael Ryan "are in talks with a Hollywood co-producer to redo the Terry Gilliam pic as a bigscreen kids action franchise."

Gilliam's classic (which was produced by Handmade Films) was made for a comparatively miniscule $5 million back in the day. It's unknown if the filmmaker (who penned a sequel script in the 90s) will be involved in any capacity. But he damn well should be, even if he would have the sense not to.

Ryan and Collins' new venture, GFM Films, is also talking with director Paul McGuigan (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, PUSH) about making a TV series based on the 1980 British gangster movie THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY.

Extra Tidbit: Think I'll spin up the original film this weekend...
Source: Variety



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