Live-action Dora the Explorer film in the works from Nicholas Stoller

Dora the Explorer

As Dora the Explorer was a little past my time, I don't know all that much about the educational animated children's series, but Dora has been around, in some form or another, for close to twenty years, which is making me feel like quite the old bastard. A big-screen version of Dora, the young girl who embarks on a series of quests along with her talking backpack and monkey named Boots, has been in the works for a few years, but THR reports that the project is back on and that Nicholas Stoller has been brought on board to develop the film.

Known for THE MUPPETS, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, NEIGHBORS, and STORKS, Nicholas Stoller will pen the script for the live-action Dora the Explorer film, which will be produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. Unlike the animated series, in which Dora was seven-years-old, the live-action film is said to find Dora as a teenager, who has moved to the city to live with her cousin Diego. Paramount hasn't given the project a release date, but is reportedly eyeing a 2019 release.

No word on who might play Dora in the film, but perhaps Ariel Winter (Modern Family) will be up to reprising the role she played in the College Humor shorts.

Source: THR



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