Live action Halo vid

To kick off the E3 conference right, yesterday Microsoft threw a huge bash announcing a number of exciting new products for you to spend your hard-earned money on. As you might expect, much of their talk was centered around this year's release of "Halo 3." They expect this to be one of the biggest releases in the history of entertainment (somehow I doubt that) and even introtuced a "Halo" branded Xbox 360 (to titters and mild applause). But they also previewed part of their new ad campaign for the film - a live-action "Halo" short. While this normally wouldn't pass for movie news, this gives you a look at what a "Halo" film would've looked like had Universal and Fox not unceremoniously dumped it. The short was directed by Neil Blomkamp - one-time HALO director - with assistance from Peter Jackson's WETA Digital. Sadly, it's not very impressive. I can't imagine this is the kind of thing, had I been at E3 and seen, that I would've stood up in my seat cheering. And seeing this, I'm hardly shouting at movie studios to make a "Halo" movie ASAP. You're gonna have to check it out for yourself though so head over to Bungie's site to watch the vid yourself.

Extra Tidbit: I've officially hitched my wagon to the Wii's star (but I still dig on my old school Xbox so I'm no Microsoft hater).
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