Live from New York, it's Chris Hemsworth! Actor hosting SNL in March

chris hemsworth snl saturday night live

It was announced today that the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth, will host the March 7 episode of Saturday Night Live. This will be his first time hosting; the episode falls just two months shy of the release of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. This makes me believe that it was originally going to be to promote IN THE HEART OF THE SEA which went through a date shift from a March 15 release to December 11 of this year. Either way, we're probably going to be in for an entertaining show.

It’s been a Chris Hemsworth kind of day around here hasn’t it? First we get the NEW AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON poster that debuted this morning and then we learned that Jessica Chastain is his new co-star in THE HUNTSMAN. I was trying to think of a time when the actor had the chance to really show off his comedic chops, I found mostly just gag reels (see below). I was reminded however of his upcoming role in the VACATION reboot playing Stone Crandall, I’m laughing already.

Source: Deadline



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